Monday, May 26, 2008


I received a text message on my phone two days ago. The text reads thus:
Pls switch off all ur hand phone 2 nite. According to Metro tv there will be a big Radiation wave circulating thru the phone towers at 11pm tonite. It is very dangerous to humans. Inform others.

Of course in my typical nature, I ignored the text and dismissed it like all other scam texts. My colleagues and I laughed over the whole thing and continued with our work.

Just as I was drifting into dream land, I heard the message tone of my phone notifying me that I have a message. It was a message similar to the one I received earlier today. It reads thus:

Pls switch off your phones b4 11pm tonight. Some one just called me dat there is going to be a disaster and its coming through phones.

Now this time I was perplexed. By my phone time it was 10.02pm! Less than 1 hour to the predicted doom time. Could this be true? How can radiation pass from wherever to my phone? It just does not make any logical sense!

By the next morning all I was hearing was discussions on the strange text that probably started from one ingenious person!

Have you ever received any strange text message of that nature? Please share your views/opinions here.

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Anonymous said...

you won't believe this, it's 10:22 pm as I write this comment. my mom received a text exactly like the first one you quoted and incorporated the second one...alarmed my mom showed the text to me. i researched on the net for this "fraud". you have a new post, so obviously it's not true... unless of course you're writing the blogs with tree eyes, ears on what used to be the nose and your whole body mutated... well, thanks!

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