Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday!

O how I love birthdays!

Yesterday May 11 was Gbes' and Ehi's birthday.

Unknown to Gbes, his lovely wife was planning a surprise party for him! Now Gbes is my husband's friend. When I was informed of this surprise party I had to hold myself from telling my husband. I mean, it was a secret between the wives! All I was to do was to get my husband to the venue! Now that was a tough one because he did not see any reason why we should go out especially in the rain. Haba but I thought he is YOUR friend!

Yours truly ensured that we were present, even though it rained cats and dogs! How could I miss that sort of thing!

The most interesting part was the look on Gbes' face when he realised his sweet wife had arranged a surprise party for him! Whao!

Happy Bithday to you Gbes!

Happy Birthday my dear Ehi!

Love you!

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