Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Why is it that when emails are forwarded there is always a subtle threat at the end of the mail? Some of such subtle threats are - " froward this mail to at least 10 people and something good would happen to you"; "if you ignore this, something terrible would happen to you" blah blah blah.

You know what? I do not believe in all that and I personally do not fancy that idea at all. I mean, if I choose not to forward a mail why should it be anyone's business? Whay say something bad or terrible would happen to me if I do not forward a mail. I think most of these so called forwarded mails are sent out fear. Well I don't.

I suggest that if you receive any such mail in your inbox, and you like the message, please do some adjusting by deleting that threat or warning at the end of it. Nobody or any thing can break anyone bad luck!

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gino said...

Thank God people like u are out there 2 speak out on such issues,i get annoyed and very frustrated when i recive such mails,forwaded messages should be a thing of choice and not by force, issuing threats 2 any one who does not forward a message,the irony of it all is that majority of this messages are scriptural messages,my cousin can not even check her email anymore 4 fear of seeing such mails,she doesnt keep much friends and do not have 10 friends or more 2 send this message 2.pls its high time this messages are screened devoid of threats.May God Help us all.THANK U

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