Thursday, June 12, 2008

Foot Bridges

Why is it that pedestrians do not use the pedestrian bridges (aka foot bridge)?

Why do people choose to expose themselves to the danger of crossing the major roads in Lagos when there are bridges built just for that.? I have combed every where for possible answers but none is good enough...

No be every car we de road get functional breaks O! No be every driver wey de drive be correct driver O! Imagine if you have to cross and one of these lunatic drivers wey never sabi the thing well just brusssssssh you! Wetin go happen? Nothing. Particularly where there is a footbridge in place.

The other day as I was approaching cele bus stop, (there is a foot bridge) every body chose to run across to the other side of the road, not minding that some drivers no get good brakes! If not by the grace of God, I don jam one finish O! Well no bi me go confirm person dead. Tufiapka! You know what, they were actually cursing! "Wicked woman!" "You no fit stop?" "See hin face!" etc.

Na wa O! I no blame dem sha!


gino said...

Majority of Nigerians are generally lawless and indisciplined ,take Lagos 4 example,we have the Kai Brigade who are meant to enforce the compulsory use of this pedestrian bridges,but this days they are either nowhere 2 be found around these srategic places or they just collect "egunje" and let the offender walk away.these so called Kai Brigade are not even well trained in handling issues,they just rough handle u in d most undignified manner,well but do we even need these Kai officers b4 the law can be obeyed?Abeg Nigerians we need to be law abiding 4 a safer and better society.thank u

Standtall said...

I can assure you that I am a law abiding citizen but I am not when it comes to using brigdes cos they sued to be a a bad state.I would feel safer corssing than taking some of those bridges. Thank God they are reconsructing them now. But I will never have reacted the way they did to you knowing that am at fault!!!

I was talking to an okada man for handling Naira any and he refused to listen...

We do need to change our attitudes

Dee! said...

@ standtall: please endeavour to use the foot bridge O!

On handling the naira we need to do more teaching for our people to respect and treat the naira right. Maybe when the naira appreciates, they will learn to respect the naira! lol!

Standtall said...

I will mi-lady cos we now ahve a lot of newly constructed safe bridges in Lagos. Thanks to Fashola

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