Monday, June 16, 2008


The essense of going to school is to acquire knoweledge. The good thing is after I have since left the 4 walls of school, I still learn everyday. My "teachers" now are my kids!

You know how it is when you are always wrong and their teachers are always right! Well the learning process continues! The sort of weekly and terminal projects these children do these days is really challenging. The most recent project was to cut and paste five pictures of tools used in the medical field/profession.
In my search for these "tools" I came across this word "SPHYGMOMANOMETER"
Did you know that is the medical name for the instrument used for measuring blood pressure?! Well now you do. Before now, as a lay man in the medical field, I called that instrument blood pressure monitor. Well now I know better.


AZReam said...

Blood Presssure, or "B.P." Monitor or Machine works well for most people.

Even those of us who talk about them on a daily basis, often can't quite get our teef around "Sphygmomanometer"!

Often it's abbreviated to "sfig", or sometimes "spig".

Now try "Oscillotonometer" - that's a fun one too ;)

Dee! said...

Thank you! I will check "Oscillotonometer". lol

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