Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eric or Nicolette?

After the perfomance on Sunday evening, Lebo the host for the show asked the judges who they feel would be in the finals. All the judges said "Eric and Trinah". Kawesa reversed the question and then said Trinah and Nicolette would not win.

Well that was their opinion. Africans have a different opinion.

Last night while Lebo in his usual suspense filling style announced that Eric would take the first spot in the only 2 safe seats reserved for the finalists. I thought Lebo would spare me the suspense and just call the second "safe" contestant, he did not! Rather he continued in his suspense game!

After a very looong tension and suspense filled period, Lebo finally anounced that Nicolette would be joing Eric in the top 2! Whao! Silence filled the whole auditorium! You could hear a pin drop!

Of course Trinah was shocked! Nicolette was just as surprised as Trinah was, but she walked to the safe seat!

Who do you want to be the winner? Who do you think would be the winner?

You can only answer by casting your votes at the official website.


Buttercup said...

im still in shock...i mean, nicolette???

Dee! said...

Buttercup why are you in shock? Abeg come out of the shock jo! It is the votes that matters now.
May the best IDOL win!

LG said...

i'm not following it sha but
may d best idol win.

howz the fam

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