Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hoodlums on the prowl!

What is it with these hoodlums with a lady's hand bag?

Recently I was dispossed of my handbag on my way to work. These good for nothing hoodlums were on an okada (motor bike) and in what looked like a movie scene, my handbag was snacthed from me! Fiam! O! I screamed and screamed but no one came to my aid! Well this is Lagos! I understand. Only the "brave" would attempt to do a James Bond move in times like this. Now, this bag was well loaded with all the stuff one can imagine - cash, cheque book, ATM card, phones, bunch of keys, my MK make up etc. But you know what? All that can not compare to my life! Yeah! my life! I am so happy that I was not injured! No harm was done to my person. That gives me a sense of joy!

While I was narrating the event to friends and family members (after I had settled down reasonably) they all said I should thank God for my life and I agree. What if somehing more terrible had happened to me? What if I had been maimed in the process? What if. . . Of all the whys I was asked, the only one I could not answer well was why I did not drive on that day. I guess I was just lazy (as I have been for sometime, 'cos I have been using the commuter buses to get my self to work). My son even said "Mummy make sure you use the car next time, and make sure you hide your bag." If only he knows that even in ones car, these hoodlums still harrass people!

This is two days after the bag was snatched and I can laugh without any remorse. Whenever I get a flash of the incident, I actually laugh out. I let go and let God! I have a new phone, I have replaced my makeup and I have received more cash than I had in my handbag at the time it was snatched by the hoodlums! To God be the glory!


LG said...

dearie, TO GOD BE THE GLORY o,
or werrin we for dey talk na?
God4bid bad thing, just be xtra careful next time. try not to leave d house too early, n try not to stay out late too, leave dos CURSED BOYS, IT IS WELL.

*njoy ur w'end

Dee! said...

My sista, thank you O! Meanwhile it was not so early O. Day don break finish. I agree with you, they are CURSED! When something bad happen to them dem go say na their village people dey pursue dem, meanwhile na dem take their own hand dig their grave!

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