Thursday, July 31, 2008


On my way home after work yesterday . . . the traffic was helele!! I mean it was the very one! This is one major reason I do not like to drive! I know say if hubby reads this he'll just call me lazy. Why not? He has been making things easy for me. We go out in the morning together . . . drops me at my place of work, continues the journey to his own office and thereafter he picks me up after work! Abeg God bless you jare! I only drive whenever he is out of town.

Back to my gist . . .there we were crawling jejely in the traffic and hoping we'd get home before it gets dark. The traffic was moving small small o. . .all of a sudden, I heard the sound of a siren blaring annoyingly behind us! O I just hate it when that sound comes up and we are all in traffic. Where do they expect us to move to? Well the truth is that I do not shift my ground for them sha. If you see space, pass. . . if not stay for queue like others! The only siren I allow are ambulances. At least I know that the ambulances are used for emergencies. Why do these people just intimidate other motorists?! This guy tried to squeeze pass but no car would let him. He just kept blaring the siren, disturbing every body. . . when he saw that the traffic was stand still, he adviced himself to put he darn thing off! I guess every driver was thinking like me at that very moment.

The other day one of such siren noise makers hit one cool car in its attempt to wriggle through the traffic. Gbosa! The owner of the cool car stepped out of his car and then examined the extent of the damage. . . the drama that followed was something else. . . but I was happy the rough driver met his match!

What do you guys feel about sirens and all?


fiamma veneta said...

HI! Visit my blog
Have a nice day!

Dee! said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I visited your blog as you requested by I could not read anything there. . . what language is that? Maybe I should start learning the basics! lol

rayo said...

who doesnt h8 sirens in naija, stupid oppressors oshi. god, opress all dose who oppress us amen.

Dee! said...

I feel you my sista! And a bigger AMEN to ya prayer jo! Thanks for stopping by!

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