Friday, August 15, 2008

All for little Safa'a!

Yesterday I watched CNN and I saw a young couple release their one and only little boy (Safa'a) to the hands and care of Surgeons to operate on him.

Safa'a was was diagnosed in with Wilms' tumor. According to medical experts, Wilms tumour is the most common kidney tumor in children. The good news here is that if it is diagnosed on time, the cancer has a high survival rate.

When I saw the baby on the TV I was shocked! I can imagine his pains and sufferings! O! and the poor Mother. O my God! I prayed to God to save him and spare his life!

Well thank God for good Samaritans all over the globe. Safa'a was able to go for his surgery in Jordan with the help of an 85-year-old liquor tycoon.

The surgery lasted FIVE hours, and it was a success as the massive tumor was removed completely! Praise God!

Safa'a's parents were overjoyed! His mother in her joyous mood said "I cannot put my happiness into words." And the Dad said "this is such a happy occasion. You brought happiness into the hearts of parents."

I am indeed very happy for Safa'a and his parents! I wish him a smooth recovery process.


Mz. Dee said...

first??? kai see me thinkin i'm probably first!

dat was rily generous of the tycoon dude.. dis is wat all this celebz shud be doin 4 ppl! instead of beyonce buyin $50, 000 purses!!

first tym here.. ure so sweet! and ure my namesake.. hehe.

goin to blogroll u.

Dee! said...

Yes, you are actually first MZ DEE. Yeah we need more kind hearted people around, especially in this part of the world!

THANKS for the sweet compliments and thanks for visiting!

LG said...

yaay!! thank God the surgery was successful o.
*sigh* now the boy can live a normal life, thank God

Dearie, hope u r doing well

rayo said...

eeyah, i cant imagine d pain ppl go thru in d world... i dont wanna imagine it

Dee! said...

LG: Yes O! We thank God the surgery was a success!

How was your weekend? Spendid I know!

RAYO: It is best we don't attempt to imagine the pains people go through, 'cos we can't imagine a pain we've never felt! Everyday is a miracle in this life!

How are you preparing for your exams? All the best!

Buttercup said...

awww thank God o...

may God protect us from such, amen..

Mz. Dee said...

yayyyyyyyy!! i was firsttttttttttttt!!!

TinTin said...

we Thank God for those rich tycoons...i hope one day i can do something just as good!


Dee! said...


MZ DEE: Yayyyyyyy! You were first!

TIN TIN: Welcome to my blog! Yes one day you can do somehing just as good and even better. Now do me a favour. . . just give a smile to someone you would not smile to ordinarily! That is a start!

OluwaDee said...

Thank God the surgery went well.

Howz things?

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