Thursday, August 21, 2008

Usain Bolt!

The date was 16 August 2008. The event was the men 100 meters race at the Bejing 2008 Olympics. I was actually watching the Olympics! Anyway I was glad I did because I watched Usain Bolt bolting his way through the race! That was a very good race. I personally feel he would have achieved a lower record time if he had completed the race before celebrating. Some meters before the finish line, Usain throw out his arms in a manner that says "come get me if you can" to the other athletes. Be that as it may, USAIN BOLT set the new world record by finishing the 100 meters race in 9.69 seconds! What a speed!

As if that was not enough. Usain went on to snatch the gold in the mens 200 meters race! He set another world record with a timing of 19.30 seconds.

Bolt is now the current fastest man in the World after Carl Lewis who made the World Record in 1984! With these great achievements, Usain is now the proud holder of the World and Olympic records in both 100 meters and 200 meters! Also, he is the first man in history to break both world records at 1 Olympics!

I join the World in celebrating his great success! Today 21 August 2008 is Bolt's 22nd birthday. Happy Birthday Usain Bolt. You gave yourself a very good birthday gift. Congratulations!


LG said...

Usain Bolt!!!
i like...... (grins)
congrats to him sha! but i dey vex o,
where r d fasobas, badas,obikwelus,
ojokolos, alozies n odas *loud sigh*
9ja nor represent dis time at all.
Remember the 'dream team' in ur prayas o. we gats to win d cup.

dearie, howz d fam?

Dee! said...

My dear we dey O! So whatz new with you?

aloted said...

hey..its amazing..been seeing your name on other people's blogs but not sure why i thot you were the same as "mz dee" till i came to check ur blog...nawa for me o!

me i have not been following the olympics..i am trusting that people like you and LG will keep us updated :)

Dee! said...

Aloted thanks for stopping by!

TinTin said...

its all in his name 'bolt' lol!!!

Anonymous said...

to be fair tho, they'll prob find out in like a year that the guy is on something...


Dee! said...

TINTIN: Yeah its all in his name "BOLT".

GEISHA.SONG: I had the same feeling too. I just pray that for his own good, he is not on anyhing!

Thanks for visiting.

Buttercup said...

ah usain bolt! what more can i say?? i love him!

n to think that he actually slowed down towards the end..

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