Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Octogenarian arrested!

I just read here that an octogenarian, Edna Jester was arrested in the United States for taking a teenage neighbour's football! Hmm! This ball was not just "taken", the teenage played (throwed) the ball into the old woman's yard!

Now for "taking" the ball Edna Jester was arrested for "petty theft".

She is to appear in Court on the 12th of November, 2008.

My questions:
1. Would it amount to "theft" if I seize a football thrown into my compound by some kids?
2. If there was a damage who would be responsible for that reckless act?

Read the full gist here.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Evil "pastors"

I just read a very sad story of how an 11 years old girl was raped to death by a so-called pastor. The story has it that a prophetess informed one Mrs. Bassey that her only daughter, Covenant was a witch and therefore needed some form of "spiritual cleansing" to chase the spirit of witchcraft away.

Mrs. Bassey was so afraid that she agreed to take her daughter for the spiritual cleansing. However on the appointed day, madam prophetess was out of town. Now this made Mrs. Bassey panic. She then confided in a friend of hers. This friend now recommended a "man of God god" to Mrs. Bassey. This man of god, one Henry Evbotokhai, is the pastor in charge of a church known as Miracle Deliverance Ministry, some where in Lagos. Mrs. Bassey took her preciuos little daughter to Mr. man of god for deliverance. The man of god demanded for N2,000 to enable him do the deliverance.

Anyway, Mrs. Bassey left her daughter with the pastor for 3 whole days. On the 3rd day, when Mrs. Bassey went to pick her daughter, believing that she would have been witch-free by then, she was shocked to find the place under lock and key! She finally reported to the Police, narrating her ordeal. When the door was forced open, the lifeless body of Covenant was found in a pool of her own blood. On further investigations, it was revealed that Covenant was raped to death by the so-called pastor!

The innocent child died for nothing!

Click here to read more.

My questions:
1. Is that pastor real?
2. Is Mrs. Bassey a church goer? (Note I did not use the word "christian")
3. IF she is a church goer, why did she not meet her own Pastor/Reverend Father/General Over Seer etc for counselling?
4. Is such a crime permissible?
5. Why are humans so mean even to their fellow humans?

I just wonder.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nigeria is 48!

Hurray Nigeria is 48!

The 1st day of October is the independence anniversary for NIGERIA! Every year, October 1st is declared a public holiday. Workers stay at home and just relax with friends and family.

The Nigerian history is incompleted without the story of her independence from its colonial masters.

Let me go into a little history by informing those who do not know that the first black speaker of the House of Representative was Jaja Wachuku. Jaja Wachuku replaced Sir Frederick Metcalfe. It was during his tenor as Speaker, on the 1st day of October 1960, that Wachuku received the Freedom Charter, Nigeria's Instrument of Independence from the Queen of the United Kingdom. The Queen was represented by Princess Alexandra of Kent at the independence ceremony.

The At 48, I'd say Nigeria is still a "young" growing Nation!

Happy INDEPENDENCE anniversary Nigeria!

Long live Nigeria! Long live Africa!

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