Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nigeria is 48!

Hurray Nigeria is 48!

The 1st day of October is the independence anniversary for NIGERIA! Every year, October 1st is declared a public holiday. Workers stay at home and just relax with friends and family.

The Nigerian history is incompleted without the story of her independence from its colonial masters.

Let me go into a little history by informing those who do not know that the first black speaker of the House of Representative was Jaja Wachuku. Jaja Wachuku replaced Sir Frederick Metcalfe. It was during his tenor as Speaker, on the 1st day of October 1960, that Wachuku received the Freedom Charter, Nigeria's Instrument of Independence from the Queen of the United Kingdom. The Queen was represented by Princess Alexandra of Kent at the independence ceremony.

The At 48, I'd say Nigeria is still a "young" growing Nation!

Happy INDEPENDENCE anniversary Nigeria!

Long live Nigeria! Long live Africa!


Rita said...

Thanks for sharing the little history, it was very enlightening.

Happy Independence day...

Dee! said...

Happy Independence day Rita! Hope you had a swell holiday!

LG said...

long live 9ja.....Amiiii o

dearie, howz d fam? hope u rested o

Dee! said...

LG, yeah long live 9ja O!

As for the resting bit, I tried sha! Even though the kids just wanted things done their own way! All the same it was fun sha. lol!

AlooFar said...

Naija for life.

How are you?

tobenna said...

Happy baffday Naija!
We are indeed a young growing nation!

bumight said...

I must confess that i didnt know that little bit of history you threw in. thanks!

OluwaDee said...

10ks 4 d history lessons, dint know all that.

LG said...

Dis don finish o'
oya update sharp sharp
BTW how dat ya neighbour sef...wats his name again...onecloth or sumnlike dat..:-)

*Hope u r doing well

aloted said...

nawa come i didnt see this update...yes o..happy belated birthday to naija...i love naija die!

Dee! said...

ALOOFAR: Yes O! Naija for life. I am fine O! How are you?

TOBENNA: May we continue to grow O! How far with the preps?

BUMIGHT: Thanks for stopping by.

OLUWADEE: Iyawo! How are you enjoying our club?

LG: You asked for it. . . I'll update and give you gist about one dresser! lol

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