Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's my Birthday!

It's my birthday!

Today is the beginning of another year in my life! I am thankful and indeed grateful to the Almighty for His favours and blessings upon my life. He is a wonder to my soul!

I woke up this morning and I just praised Him like never before! I looked around me to see the numerous blessings upon my life. O Lord! Thank You.

Father! I thank You for bringing me this far in life. I look forward to many more fruitful years.


LG said...

LG ft tuface,dbanj,daddyshoki,1dresa'
"Go DEE its ur birthdayyyy
we gonna parry like'its ur birthday"
*pops zobo* :-) :-)

*remember to send my cake..i say cake not 'icing' o :P

simeone said...

hapi birthday o.....
many hapi returns..and more and more of Gods blessings as you start anoda year...peace n luv.. said...

awww happy birthday!!

Iwalewa McDaniels said...

Happy Birthday

Sting said...

Happy birthday! hope u had fun.

Dee! said...

LG: *Dancing* . . . oops! Which time Onedresser become musician?! Thanks for wishes and prayers. Thank you!

SIMONE: Thank you. Amen.

GEISHA: Thank you.

IWALEWA: Thanks!

STING: Thanks. Yes I had fun O!

NoLimit said...

Just Saw this...happy birthday in arrears o...hope you had a wondeful day...may all your positive dreams come true

Dee! said...

NOLIMIT: Thank you and yes I had a wonderful day! A BIG AMEN to your prayers for me. Thank you.

afunto` baby™ said...

Happy Birthday!

aloted said...

awww so sorry i missed ur birthday! hope u had fun..

wishing u more of God's blessing :)

Femi B said...

hope u had a wonderful day...more blessings to come. Nothing is ever too late

Dee! said...

AFUNTO BABY: Thank you so much!

ALOTED: I 4give you for missing my birthday! Thank you for your good wishes and prayers.

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