Monday, December 1, 2008

"Child Witches"

Wonders shall never end in deed!

I watched with utmost disdain the in human treatment meted out to little children in Akwa Ibom State by one so called "pastor" otherwise known as Bishop Sunday Ulup-Aya. He claims he has the power to free children from witchcraft. Looking at this self acclaimed Bishop all I can see is FAKE! Who appointed him as a bishop in the first place? He is a FAKE and surrounded by FAKE! A dirty looking hungry man decided to make himself rich, and he said to himself, "let me tell all gullible parents that their children are witches or wizards, and I have the power to set them free from such spirit". O yes and the gullible parents believed and submitted their precious babies to some horrific tortures! Very pathethic indeed.

One of these children even had a nail, about 3 inches long pierced through her skull!

Mary, whose picture appears below, was burnt with acid by her own mother!

Another child, Ekemini was tied to a tree by her own father! She was tied by her ankles!

There was also a story of a set of twins neglected by their mother because another human being branded them to be witches!

All these pictures are courtesy of the Observer.

All these inhuman treatments are meant to free the children from witch craft. Some are made to drink a "special" mixture prepared by the bishop. This concoction is a combination of local gin, some herbs and the bishop's blood! The bishop also administers a strange concoction into the eyes of the suspected child "to blind their spiritual eyes! How can one describe these inhuman treatment meted out to small "innocent" children by a fellow human being?

Haba! The fake hungry bishop even opened his wide mouth to state that there are over 2.3 million witches in Akwa Ibom State! Now that is a State where the last census results show that there are 3.9 million people in there. In other words, more than half the population are "winches". That is alarming! In his own statistics, only children are witches. So the adults are free. Hello! Which crystal ball revealed this to him?

As far as I am concerned, those parents who subject their children to such barbaric and inhuman treatment should see a shrink! Infact they are also witches! It takes a witch to know a witch!

In order to perform his exorcism Ulup-Aya demands a fee of N400, 000 (approximately $3,390) per child, or I mean "client". Initially, I thought this amount was too high for the average man in a remote area. I thought it was an error, a slip of tongue. In his words, once the child has been initiated into the witch craft world and also eaten there, then it becomes a serious case. Hence the high fee charged for deliverance. If the gullible parents are unable to pay, Ulup-Aya then holds the child captive until the bill ransom is settled. The children are not allowed to defend themselves; they are tortured and forced to admit to an offence or guilt they know nothing about. Ulup-Aya even admitted that he has killed a total of 110 suspected child witches! What?! That is murder! This is the height of in human treatment!

The video of this horrific story is even available on the web courtesy of YouTube. See more here.

In one of my previous posts, a fake pastor raped a little girl to death. This girl was also suspected of being a witch. For the love of humanity what is are all these stories about witches? May the Almighty God have mercy on us all!

The good part is that bishop has been arrested! Praise God! I pray that he gets a double portion of all he deserves from the long arm of the Law!

What sort of "Christians" are we breeding in Africa?
What sort of Christianity is been practiced in Africa?
Why are people (Christians) so gullible?


LG said...

God save us 4rm ourselves

Jaycee said...

Sad, crazy stuff!

Oh, wow...didn't know the bishop was arrested. Good!

rayo said...

when i first read this i was lyk wtf? nd everytime i see somethin abt it, it still makes me mad that people would do this to their own kids in d name of some religious beliefs.
as to the questions on christianity, all i can say is these days its become so much of a religion and not a way of life and as is wont to happen, things get taken too far in religion, so much so that i often find myself saying 'you christians' when reffering to something bein done by christians these days, coz i find it hard to count myself as one with people who perpetuate such stuff.


This abhorrent treatment is very saddening. I know some have tried to 'explain' it but I refuse to even consider the possible 'explanations'.

Dee! said...

LG: A very big Amen to that my sister.

JAYCEE: The whole thing is indeed very sad! The yeye man has been arrested. I pray he is made to face the consequences of this heinous in FULL.

Thanks for visiting!

RAYO: Most people, particularly these so called "Christians" who do not know their right(s) in Christ, get into such situation. May God save us!

SOLOMONSYDELLE: Their are no acceptable explanations for such horrible treatments. said...

i saw that video on youtube. it's insane. reminds me of the clifford orji era. what, because its the parents that put their children up for torture now it's ok?
why hasnt the govt done any thing about this? like, lock up the con artist 'pastor'?

simeone said...

i'm hapi the bishop has been arrested..but it will still take some time to properly educate the people who submit their children to him..

doll said...

sad and crazy

Rita said...

I shall not comment because the steam coming out of my ears are plenty...

aloted said...

nawa o!

May God deliver us...

Good to know the bishop was arrested


LG said...

nnwayi oma' odikwa nma???

Dee! said...

GEISHA: It's very insane! Such ignorant parents who submit their kids to such torture need serious counseling! The con artist 'pastor' has been arrested.

SIMEONE: Yes O! I am so very happy the fake bishop has been arrested.

DOLL: Yes! It is very SAD!

RITA: I know how you feel jo! I went white with rage when I heard the news. I cried when I watched the clip on Youtube.

ALOTED: AMEN O! My sister na only God go fit deliver us!

LG: My dear thanks for your concern. I am fine. How are you?

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