Friday, December 19, 2008

Tanker Drivers on Strike!

Petroleum tanker drivers are on strike! Is that suppose to be news? Well yes it is, at least for now.

Why is it that every festive period, particularly Christmas, these people just look for any opportunity to hike the price of petrol!

The reason/excuse given for the strike is that officials of the Lagos State Transport Management Authority (LASTMA) extort money from them; harass and intimidate them. Why was this protest not staged earlier? I do not believe that all these complaints just started. Over the years, there had been several issues between these two bodies. The tanker drivers, drive and park any how. It is so bad that they even park on bridges! When the LASTMA officials, in doing their job, impound the offending tanker or impose a fine, the others will choose to go on strike! What nonsense! What happened to law and order?

On the other hand, when the LASTMA officials "relax" and just close their eyes to the various offences committed by the tanker drivers, it becomes business as usual. They park indiscriminately, causing unnecessary traffic and chaos.

I am not holding a brief for the LASTMA officials (at times they also get on my nerves, particularly when they fail to do their work properly) but the truth must be said. Let us all maintain some sense of order and our society will be a better place for all.

Thank God that the kids are on holiday. For the past one week, we (hubby and I) leave the house earlier than usual. As early as 6.20am today, because of the so call strike or protest by the tanker drivers, all the gas stations were already jam packed with vehicles, waiting to buy fuel! The queues were so long and scattered! Haba!


LG said...

no wonder' road free 2day :)

Dee! said...

My sister! Na only you talk say road free O!

How are you doing?

How are you preparing for this Christmas! I want a whole Turkey O! :)

rayo said...

lg, seems u did not pass by places where there are filling stations. campus was hell today, traffic everywhere, rili wish they'd all their strike off.

Dee! said...

Rayo tell her! Anyway the yeye tanker drivers saw their foolishness and called off the strike that same day! Na them hungry for catch.

So are you in the christmas mood yet?!

Tisha said...

that's right!
my sis and i talked about it
why didn't they do it during the moslem hols?
k (i know u all are saying that i am a muslim hater, i actually not; i actually have many friends who are muslims)
this is actually a political question!

Olufunke said...

I'm glad the the strike was called off, it would have been a very rough chritmas season.
Nice blog, interesting posts!

Wishing you a blissfull christmas season!!

Mz. Dee said...

oh dang sorry bout the strike.. i wonder wat its like in PH then..
hope ure gud tho! merry christmas!

Buttercup said...

nawa so caught up in the euphoria of being on holiday that i didnt even notice..kai..

how r u sha?

Dee! said...

TISHA: Thanks for stopping by. You are not a moslem hater! All the same the strike was called off as soon as they realized no right thinking citizen was on their side!

OLUFUNKE: Thank you for stopping by. Thank God the strike was called off!

MZ DEE: How are you enjoying yourself over there? Hope you had a very blissful Christmas.

BUTTERCUP: I do hope you are having fun here! Merry Christmas!

Buttercup said...

yes, i am..same to u!

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