Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye-Bye 2009!

The past year was full of so many intrigues. So many things happened in the year 2009. Some good, some bad, some not so good and not so bad . . . But in ALL I have learnt to thank God!

In retrospect, I remember that the year 2009 was ushered in with great expectations. Just as the year draws to an end and as I recount the events of the year, all I can say is THANK YOU LORD!

In 2009, I saw 365 days! Now that is miraculous! Although each day had its own unique blessings, some days were just sad days. For instance, in 2009 some people I know passed on. I pray their sweet souls continually rest in peace in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Chist.

In all the events of the year 2009, the birth of my third child stands out. Thank God for a safe smooth and secured delivery.

These are my personal views about 2009. Others might have something different to say about 2009. I just want to encourage everyone to count their many blessings and name them one after the other. When we do this, we will see and believe that indeed, God has been good to us.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santa 's List

This is the first day in the month of December. The time when most kids expect to get gifts from "Santa Claus" or "Father Christmas".

Over the years, "Santa Claus" has been giving Gee! and Tee! (my first two kids) gifts. Now I will have 3 names on that list I am sending to Santa. I have to include Little Dee! on that list. LOL! As far as Gee! and Tee! are concerned, Santa would definately send them gifts. It comes authomatically. Well, I have another plan for them this Christmas! lol!

Yesterday, I told them that Santa Claus sent me an email and he wanted to know if they have been of good behaviour. Now it is for me to qualify "good behaviour". Immediately, Gee! defended herself:       

Gee! - Mummy is my name on the list you are sending to Santa Claus?
Me  -  Hmmm! I am not sure. But do you think your name should be on that list?
Gee!  - Yes Mummy. I have been a good girl. You have been telling me that I am a good girl, so I know I am a good girl. That was why my tooth fairy gave me money when my tooth came out.

See me see trouble o! Can you imagine her sense! I wonder if she will still hold this line of reasoning in the next 2 years! Anyway, the talk continues, this time with the little man of the house Tee! For a child who is four years old, he knows too much.

Tee! - Mummy did you write my name on the list?
Me -  Do you think your name is on the list?
Tee! - (laughing) Yes, my name is on the list!
Me -   Right now, as it stands, your name is not on that list. Do you know why?
Tee! - (speaking with a very low voice) No.
Me  -  Your name is not on the list because you cry and whine unnecessarily.
Tee!  - Okay I promise I will not whine or cry again.
Me  - Why should I believe you now? You made the same promise last week and several times before. Why should I believe you?
Tee!  -  I promise now. Okay if I do not stop whining then don't put my name on the list next time.
Me - I will hold you to that. (addressing Gee! and Tee!) So what do you guys want for Christmas?
Gee!  - I want a pair of black shoes! (Typical woman)
Tee! - I want a Ben Ten gift!
Me  - But Tee! you have lots of Ben Ten toys and three Omnitrixes! Are you not tired of Ben Ten?
Tee!  -  No!!

See me see trouble o! Like a friend of mine said, na me find trouble! Well let me send that email to Santa so they can get their gifts on Christmas day!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Still on Scam Messages...

These scammers have refused to give up! After my previous post, I have received tons of messages from the scammers. I have even heard of stories of some unfortunate "victims".

They go under the cover of the Central Bank and any other commercial bank. They are now coming under the cover of "Guaranty Trust Bank Plc." I am beginning to get worried o! The following messages below were sent to my email some days ago:

Dear Valued Guaranty Trust Bank Customer,
Guaranty Trust Bank Internet Banking,is hereby announcing the New 2009 Security Upgrade.

We've upgraded our new SSL servers to serve our customers for a better and secure banking service,against any fraudulent activities.Due to this recent upgrade, you are requested to provide your account information.

For secure transaction also include your Transaction Id; password by following the reference below

Guaranty Trust Bank Customers Service.
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc.

Dear ATM card Holder,

Because of high rate of fraud, Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) has decided to put extra security to all ATM card to secure you and your money while you use the ATM card for WD. This measure will include an Email/SMS verification code which shall be sending to your Mobile Number or Email addresses anytime you used ATM card.

Verification codes will be sent. The new ATM card Verification codes will ensure you to have access and use of your ATM card. Kindly assist us by filling the individual customer form, the form will be made available by clicking on

Failure to Upgrade your ATM card will result in ATM Machine rejecting your ATM Card, which means you will no longer be able to use your ATM Cards with any ATM machine or ATM card) be notified that all ATM card must be upgrade on or Before November 30, 2009. After verification and upgrading of your ATM card a 3 digit code will be sent to you within 1 days either through phone or via email signifying that your ATM card has successfully been upgraded.

We appreciate your prompt attention to this important message.

Central Bank of Nigeria
Address: Zaria Street Garki Abuja
Unsuspecting victims would fall for these scams o! Why?! I thank God that I know better! But my problem is how to ensure that people are "educated" on steps to avoid falling victims to these scams/scammers? How can these scams be stopped?!

The other day an elderly man went to an ATM to withdraw some cash. He had some problem with the machine and so he sought the help of a young boy. The boy inserted the card, asked for the PIN and after sometime, he removed the ATM and told the man that he was told to go inside the Bank. The boy asked the elderly man to wait for him by the machine and then, he went into the banking hall.

Mr. Elderly Man waited for almost thirty minutes for Mr. Young Boy to come out from the Bank. Mr. Elderly Man, went into the Banking hall in search of Mr. Young Boy. Mr. Young Boy was NOT in the Banking Hall! After all said and done, Mr. Elderly Man later discovered that his account had been cleared! His hard earned money was no longer in his account!
Yes! Mr. Elderly Man had been scammed by Mr. Young Boy.

That is just one out of many scam stories. When I heard the story, I just felt pity for Mr. Elderly


Friday, November 13, 2009

Thank God for my life!

This is a day of JOY!
This is a day of PEACE!
This is a day of PEACE!
This is a day of LOVE!

Yes! Today is my BIRTHDAY!

I thank God Almighty, for all the love!

For all the good will messages I received, I say thank you!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Scam Messages (1)

A scam is a "dishonest scheme". It follows therefore that a scammer is a person who performs dishonest schemes.

It is not news that there are scammers every where and everyday they (scammers) come up with new "schemes". For the past 7-8 months I have been receiving emails from a group of scammers posing to be "Interswitch" officials. In Nigeria, Interswitch is the premier transaction switching platform. When the word "Interswitch" is mentioned, the first thing that will come to a lay man's mind is ATM cards.

One of such mails read was notifying their "valued customers" that their services are currently being upgraded to a more secured system. In that same mail, the reader is expected to click on a link to register all debit cards, X-change cards and ATM cards. The email further warned that only registered cards will work on the ATM machines.

At first I panicked. But when I remembered that I do not have a functional ATM card at that time, I just ignored the message by deleting it immediately. By the next day when I opened my mail, I saw 2 more of such scam messages. Are people this desperate? Na wa o! Anyway, this time around I took my time reading through the message, thinking it could be true after all. I put my cursor on the link and a very different web address was displayed on my tool bar! It was then I confirmed it was a scam mail.

Some days later, while I was discussing the issue with some friends, I discovered that some people have actually fallen prey to this bait and their accounts were "cleaned" by these fraudsters! But come to think of it, why would anyone reveal his/her PIN to anyone??!!

Although these mails go directly to my bulk mail, some still filter into my inbox. I even received one purportedly sent from the Central Bank of Nigeria. Here are some of the recent scam mails I have received:

Message 1:

Dear value customer,

You have received 1 new message waiting in your inbox folder.

click here to read

PS: To switch off email notifications of new messages, go to 'My Account' after you've logged in.


Message Depertment.


Message 2:

Dear value customer,

We regret to inform you that access to your ATM CARD "POWERED BY INTERSWITCH"

has been temporarily limited.

To restore your account please click the link below and provide us with the required information:

click here to restore your account

PS: Your account will be restore in the next 48hrs.


Online Services.


Message 3:

Verify Your ATM Account Statement Now..
Mon, October 19, 2009 7:09:20 AM
From: Central Bank Of Nigeria

Dear ATM Card User,

This is to hereby notify you of the recent Central Bank of Nigeria Directive to all banks to switch to the new and secured chip ATM cards.

With this directive,all old ATM cards shall be inactivated. With the new Cards,there shall be no more transaction charges when you use your ATM cards and it is more secured.go to the website below to register for your new card;

You are getting this mail because you have not updated.


Mr.Tony Ede
Assistant Director,
Office Address:Tinubu Square,Lagos
Postal Address:P.M.B. 12194,Lagos.
Fax: +234(1)882 617
So I guess since I did not "update", by clicking the link, the messages will not stop. The most recent is this one:

Please note that Your Interswitch ATM Card is about to expire
Please note that Your Interswitch ATM Card is about to expire.
In order for it to remain active, please Use the button below to
Activate and get Unlimited Access on your ATM Card.
click here to re-activate your account

PS: Your account will be re-activate in the next 48hrs.

Notice that the messages are laced with gramatical errors. This show how "literate" the scammers are Also, when I put my cursor on the links, different web addresses are displayed. Some of the links have the following addresses:

""; ""; "".

Now, note that the above addresses have no link to the real interswitch web address which is "".

Interestingly, Interswitch has denied ever sending any of such messages. The caveat is found on the real interswitch website.

Some banks have also published and circulated several warnings, advising that no one should disclose his/her PIN to anyone. For instance, I received a mail that read thus:

Dear Friends,

We have been alerted to a fraudulent email purporting to originate from Central Bank of Nigeria and advising customers to log on to the following website to download individual forms that must be completed to upgrade their ATM cards to the new ATM machine code including your mobile number and email address where verification codes will be sent.

Please note: On no account should you visit any website in order to upgrade your ATM card based on an email purporting to either represent Interswitch, the bank or Central Bank of Nigeria . Such an act would immediately compromise your ATM card and render your account vulnerable to fraudulent withdrawals.

The claim that failure to upgrade your ATM card will render the card unusable is totally untrue and is merely a way of luring you to divulge your ATM card details.

If you have already responded to such fraudulent email, immediately notify your relationship manager or call CIC on (01 – 2800822, 01-2644754- 59, 08035606000, & 08025606000) to disable your card to prevent fraudulent withdrawals from your accounts until such a time that you can safely change your PIN.

Forwarding this alert to friends and family members would also help inform them and combat this fraud.

Thank you.

IT Risk Management

I can not asertain the authenticity of the telephone numbers, since I have not had cause to call them. However, my advise to all is this: DO NOT DISCLOSE YOUR PIN TO ANYONE!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Apapa-Oshodi Express Way again!


When will the Federal Government do something about the bad roads in Lagos State? This thing is getting very embarrassing! Haba!

I spent four unproductive hours on the Apapa-Oshodi Express Way this morning. The reason? It rained and because of the bad state of the roads, there was so much flood on the road. I once called it river trinity, but I think I should rename it to "Apapa-Oshodi Ocean". The flooded road made it very difficult to drive smoothly.

In the process of driving carefully, the person driving this vehicle, found himself/herself in this condition

Pedestrians had to wade through the flood as well

After driving wading through the first part of the flood, this is what I saw.

The trailer in the above picture rammed into a pedestrian bridge and then a section of the bridge collapsed. As a result, the traffic was terrible.
These are the pictures from the second half.

I am looking forward to the day it will rain and the roads in Lagos will be flood free.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

A Nation at 49

Yesterday, 1 October 2009 was the 49th independence annivarsary of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a Nation. Happy INDEPENDENCE ANNIVESARY my dear Country.

My wish for this great Nation is to keep growing strong. I believe that Nigeria will survive all odds.

There so may issues I would have liked to write about, such as the eratic power supply, bad roads, miliants in the Niger Delta, strike by teachers and lecturers, strike by medical workers etc. Of all these, the one that tops my list is the unrest in the Niger Delta. The entire militancy episode had been a huge bone in the neck of all well-meaning Nigerians. For years, I have avoided visiting that part of the country. This is strange particularly for someone from that part of the country.

During the just concluded sittings of the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission in Rivers State, so many "things" were brought to the open. I was among the group of Nigerians, particularly the Niger Delta people who hoped that the findings of the Commission will bring lasting peace to the Niger Delta. Wishful thinking.

On Thursday, 25 June 2009, the Federal Government proclaimed amnesty for the Niger Delta militants. Simply put, amnesty is a pardon for government offenders. The condition attached to this was that the militants would "willingly" give up possession of all illegal arms in their possession. Not so long after the amnesty programe began, some "militants" surrendered their arms and then they were rehabilitated. They even had the opportunity to get some pocket money! Anyway, I have been watching the whole process keenly. When the word militant is mentioned their are some names/groups that pop up in my head. Names like Ateke Tom, Tompolo, Boyloaf and groups like MEND. So far, Boyloaf laid down his arms some weeks ago and yesterday, Ateke Tom laid down his arms.

All I am praying for right now is for a lasting peace in the Niger Delta. I am also praying that the education sector would get the needed attention it deserves.

Happy Independence Celebration!
Long Live Nigeria!
Long Live my fatherland!

It is well with NIGERIA in Jesus name.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Sometime ago, I was informed that there was in circulation, contaminated beans. Immediately, I ensured that the proteinous legume was not included in any meal I eat or prepare! That means no more "moi-moi", no more "akara".

Just as I was adjusting to a non-beans diet, I received a text from a friend of mine. The text reads thus:                    
"Pls avoid eating apple for now.
        News said there are so many people
        in d hospital now. Pls pass it on."
All I could say was "very soon there will be nothing left for us to eat". As if to buttress this "fact", I received an email that the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has warned that nobody should eat apples for sometime. This really got me worried because I love apples, afterall, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away".

Well the good news here is that there is a press release from NAFDAC stating that they never issued any alert warning the public against eating apples! In a statement by the Director-General of NAFDAC, Dr. Paul Orhii, NAFDAC promised to launch a full-scale investigation into the matter. Please read full story here.

In another story published in the Vanguard newspaper recently, a couple were accused of "plucking" out the eyes of another man because he refused to move out of the flat. This, I call "man inhumanity to man". For more on this, click here.

In another strange but true story, I read about a 61 years old American woman, Penelope Sharon Jordan, who hid the body of her dead mother for almost 6 years! She did this to enable her collect her mother's pension! What was she thinking of? She is 61 years old! Read the full story here.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Which way Nigeria?

"I want to know. . . which way Nigeria?"
Yes. Which way Nigeria? That is a million naira question that has to be answered.

There are so many things that are infrastructurally ill and are in need of great over hauling!

It saddens my heart to read in the national newspapers of the ongoing national strike embarked upon by the University Lecturers. This strike has been on for several months. Infact it is a spill over of previous strikes! As if that is not enough, Teachers in the primary and secondary schools in Nigeria have also embarked on a strike! What is going on?

There is a popular saying that education is the bedrock of a nation. In otherwords, education is the foundation of a Nation. The foundation unpon which a Nation is built.

It is a known fact that a building with a bad foundation will fall. A building with a faulty foundation is bound to develop structural problems in future (that is if the building is ever completed).

Rather than take positive steps towards ensuring that the education sector does not collapse, the Federal Government are neglecting that sector and "ordering" that the striking lecturers/teachers call off their strike. Why not embrace dialogue and find a way out of this incessant strikes? People have argued and reasoned that the Federal Government is not perturbed about these strikes because the Ministers, members of the House of Assembly, Governors, Commissioners and other politicians do not have children schooling in Nigeria! I think I agree with that school of thought.

In a quick defense, the education minister, Mr. Sam Egwu, (who incidentally was a university lecturer before becoming a politician in the corridors of power) said its no big deal for Government officals to send their children abroad to earn a degree! That, I think is a very watery defence. These are the same people engaging in a project to "re-brand" Nigeria. I wonder, how can Nigeria be fully "re-branded" if certain fundamental issues are left unattended?

Sometime in August 2008, the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT), the registered body for Nigerian Teachers embarked on a strike that kept pupils in primary and secondary schools at home for sometime. The strike was suspended after the intevention of the Governors Forum with a promise that the enhanced Teachers Salary Scale (TSS) will be implemented on or before September 1, 2009. One year after, only 17 states have implemented the TSS. The other 19 states have not implemented the TSS and so the NUT have embarked on another strike!

Last Sunday, there was a World Cup qualifying football match between Nigeria and Tunisia. The match ended with a 2-2 draw. This draw, according to football analysts is not a good result because the chances of Nigeria going to the World Cup is very slim. But despite this 2-2 draw, the Federal Government, through the football governing body gave each player a match bonus of $10,000! What a waste of money!

Why can't the Federal Government encourage the Lecturers and Teachers the same way they are encouraging these football players who ironically did not show that they deserve that match bonus!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rest in Peace Gani

The peoples lawyer, Chief Abdul-Ganiyu Oyesola Fawehinmi, popularly known as "Gani" has passed on to join his ancestors. Gani has gone to rest in the bossom of his creator.

Chief Gani Fawehinmi (SAN), one of the greatest and outspoken lawyers in Nigeria died on Saturday September 5, 2009.

Chief Abdul-Ganiyu Oyesola Fawehinmi (SAN) was a social critic and commentator. He never held anything back whenever he had to address any legal/political/national issue.  He was an activist. He was a human activist who would not compromise his stand on truth and justice.

Whenever Gani sees something "wrong" with the system, he makes sure his voice is heard. He had always been a thorn in the flesh of the Federal Government of Nigeria. There are several law suits instituted by Gani against the Government. Only recently, some weeks to his death, he instituted an action against the current civillian Government. 

As a result of his boldness, the learned SAN (or SAM - Senior Advocate of the Masses) had served prison terms in most Nigerian prisons.

Gani will be greatly missed by all Nigerians! Indeed, no one can ever step into Gani's shoes, the shoes are just too big for any feet to fit into.

Baba sun re O! Baba rest in peace!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby Goat

Is this a goat or a human in goat skin?

Well, if it is truly a goat, it must be a very precious goat!

Just wondering, did this guy tie the goat to his back or the goat is just clinging on him?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This guy stands 6 foot tall
He has a good reading habit
Whenever I see him, he is either reading a newspaper, a magazine or any other reading material

He is always dressed in a pair of trousers, shirt and a jacket
The trouser is brown, the shirt is blue and the jacket is red
What a combination of colours!

He has no fixed abode, he wanders from place to place

I have termed him a mentally challenged man
As a man in that class, nobody wants to be associated with him
I want to believe he is from a family, he definitely was born of a woman
. . . but nobody goes close to him

I wonder . . .
What could have been responsible for his present state?

One day I heard him speak!
He has a good command of the english language
Infact he speaks better than some mentally fit people

I was very impressed!
Now what could be wrong with him?
I just wonder

One day I stopped to have a word with him . . .
I asked him if he would not mind if I give him some clothes . . .
His reply: "I would mind. I'd rather you give me money instead"

I pondered over this for I thought to myself he sure knows what he wants!
But I have a problem, I can not give him money!
Money to do what?

Well he gave me an answer. . .
I saw him drinking a big bottle of Guiness Stout a couple of days back!
So, if I had given him money. . . he would have used the money to drink beer or smoke weed instead of eating good food!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

. . . craters on our roads!

There has been a little break from the rains. At least there had been no rain for some days now. I thought with this little dryness, there would be a free flow of vehicular movement on the Apapa/Oshodi Expressway. For the period it rained, I was always resuming late. It is not news that the roads are bad, but whenever there is any little rainfall, there will be traffic jam. The sort of traffic commuters are faced with is really alarming! What is going on?

There are so many pot holes on our roads. These pot holes are better described as craters because they have graduated to another level! Just imagine a hole wide and deep enough to contain three large tyres, like that of a trailer! Yes. That is how wide some of these craters are. The craters along the Apapa/Oshodi express way are awesome! Every day these craters expand and if a driver is not careful, the car could get stuck in one! Especially when covered with rain water.

As if that is not enough, the trailers and other large trucks have taken over the road leaving little or no space for smaller cars to drive through.

The irony of all these is that the Apapa/Oshodi Expressway is a very MAJOR road in Lagos. It is a major road which leads to one of the major ports in the Country - Apapa Harbour. Everyday hundreds of trucks, trailers and containers ply that route in order to get to the Port. The amount of revenue generated from that port can not be over emphasised. The question now is -"WHY IS THAT ROAD NEGLECTED! WHY?!

Sometime last week, the minister of works was in Lagos to examine the deplorable state of the road. News had it that he was trapped for just two hours and his aides and officials "advised" him not to go any further! Why? How then would he know the state of the road? In my opinion, the minister would not appreciate what commuters who ply this route go through. On a typical day, when the traffic jam is at its peak, people remain on a spot for as long as one hour. It does not matter if you leave your house at 5am, once the road has traffic, you cannot escape it! It is that bad. I am speaking from experience.

Apapa/Oshodi Express way in pictures!

- Flood on the road!

Well no matter what I still believe . . . "Eko o ni baje"

God help us!

Friday, July 10, 2009

. . . and MJ dies . . .

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, . . ."
- Ecclesiastes 3 verses 1-2

Michael Jackson, the king of pop music died on Thursday, 25 June 2009. Although I would not say I am a devoted fan of MJ, I enjoy his music and I like to watch him dance!

Michael . . . has left his impact in musical history. Like Bob Marley, he is a musical legend.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu

There is a new disease affecting humans, which could lead to death. This disease/virus/illness is the SWINE FLU! As the name connotes, it is mainly found in pigs.

Swine flu is a type A influenza virus. Although this virus is not common in humans, but there is a high risk of infection for people working and living with pigs. In other words, Swine flu is usually diagnosed only in pigs or people in regular contact with them.

The swine flu was first reported in Mexico and several people have been reported dead while so many people are ill. As at last night, more than 1,000 people were reported ill in Mexico as a result of the Swine Flu.

The symptoms of Swine Flu are, just like the common flu in humans. These symptoms are fever, cold, cough, sore throat, aching limbs and headaches. Pneumonia and respiratory failure can occur leading to death.

There has been no report on the spread to Africa (yet).  However, in order to minimize the spread of the Swine Flu into Africa ALL Countries should screen EVERYBODY coming into their territory.

In his words, the acting Director of the CDC, Richard Besser said, “We do not know whether this swine flu virus or some other influenza virus will lead to the next pandemic.”

People at risk should cover their mouth when they cough. They should regularly wash their hands with an alcohol-based cleaner and and avoid close contact with the sick. Patients with the disease should stay at home to minimise the spread. Although there is no need to avoid eating pork, I suggest that if you must eat pork, then make sure it is well cooked! 

Influenza is thought to spread mainly person-to-person through coughing or sneezing of infected people. 

More information here. And here.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

World Malaria Day

Today is Malaria Day. This a day set aside for recognizing the global effort to provide an effective control of malaria.

The theme of this year's World Malaria Day is "Counting Malaria Out". By the end of the year 2010, it is expected that people living in malaria infested regions would have access to effective and affordable treatment for malaria.

Statistically, there are 109 countries infested with malaria today. Most of these countries are in the sub-Saharan Africa. Most of these Countries have initiated steps to roll back Malaria in the region. In Nigeria, most States distribute mosquito treated nets to people. However, only Zambia has been able to reach the Roll Back Malaria target of more than 50% reduction of mortality from malaria compared to 2000.

It is expected that other African countries would take a cue from Zambia and work towards eliminating malaria in Africa.

Malaria is indeed a killer sickness as it kills more than one million people per year. The most hit are pregnant women and children under the age of five.

Malaria is caused by a parasite called Plasmodium. This parasite is transmitted into a human body through the bites of mosquitoes infected by the parasite. As soon as the parasites are transmitted into the human body, it multiplies in the liver, and thereafter infect the red blood cells.

When an individual has been infected with the malaria parasite, some of the symptoms such a person will notice include headache, fever and vomiting. Once these symptoms appear, the infected individual should see a medical doctor for appropriate treatment. In many parts of the world, the parasites have developed resistance to a number of malaria medicines. Therefore, no one should administer any self medication.

Prevention is better than cure.

Malaria, like most ailments, can be prevented or controlled.
Some of the suggested preventive/control measures are:
1. Keeping the environment clean. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water, so as a preventive measure, all drainages must always be clean.
2. Use a bed net (popularly known as mosquito net) preferably the treated nets.
3. Spray apartments with insecticide at least twice a week.
4. Get proper treatment when diagnosed with malaria

Africa can be malaria free!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby in the House

Sometime ago, I narrated how my two kids bombarded me with all sorts of questions and of course demanded for an additional baby. Well that has finally come to past. They now have a baby sister to call their own. Yes O! I had a beautiful baby girl a couple of weeks ago. So, right now I am at home nursing my little angel!

I thank God Almighty for a very safe, smooth and successful delivery. It was by the Grace of God that I was able to carry the pregnancy from the beginning to the end. It was also by the Grace of Almighty God that the delivery was uncomplicated, defiling all medical myths. Father Lord, I thank You for all these and much more in Jesus Name!

I do not mind waking up at odd hours to attend to my baby. However, when One Dresser, the night crawler wakes me up at 2am or 3am, I get really upset! Well for one he is not my baby!

Let’s leave One Dresser for a later time. I actually thought that with the birth of this Baby, my older kids will let me be! But no, they would not, particularly my son. As far as he is concerned I have to give birth to a baby boy, so they can be two in the house! Can you imagine?! I just informed him very sweetly that Mummy is through having babies. Although this did not go down well with him, but I only pray he understands.

Now I have three kids. For the purpose of this blog I’ll name them Gee!, Tee! and Little Dee! Gee! is 7. Tee! is 3 going on 4. Little Dee! is 0 years old. LOL!

Got to go now, Little Dee! is calling! By the way I am a firm believer of exclusive breast feeding, so I breast feed Little Dee! on demand.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

House of God

Today is Ash Wednesday!

Ash Wednesday, which is the seventh Wednesday before Easter, marks the beginning of Lent. The phrase Ash Wednesday is derived from the biblical practice of receiving a mark of ashes on the foreheads of
people as a sign of repentance and mortality.

Most Orthodox Churches observed this day by holding services/masses. I was in Church this morning and after the usual celebrations it was time to receive the ash. There was an announcement that we should do it in an orderly manner as directed by the ushers and other officials. To my utmost shock, people were actually rushing, leaving their pews to join other pews and therefore making the whole thing dis-organised!

I was so shocked that I had to ask one of this "shunters" why he was acting in such a manner. I asked, "why are you doing this? Why are you rushing? Will the ash finish?" I had to ask him, just in case he did not remember he was in the house of God! Well I achieved my aim, because the man was visibly embarrassed!

Anyway, for all who believe in the essence of Lent, let us use this period and get closer to God, our Creator and pray to always do His will. Without God in our lives, nothing can be achieved. Turn that around, with God in our lives, we can achieve ALL that we ever wished for. That is FAITH.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eko o ni baje (2)

Lagos State has changed! Yes O! There is a great wind of change sweeping through Lagos State. This wind of change is ridding Lagos of all vices!

One of such include the indiscipline and reckless nature of drivers, especially the commercial bus drivers! These group of people have been known for their gross indiscipline. Now they drive with some sense of "orderliness" You hardly see them weaving in and out of traffic for fear of having their vehicles impounded by the law enforcement agents.

Also, it is now illegal to trade on the streets of Lagos. This is very common at major bus stops like Obalende, Mushin, Oshodi etc. I drive through Oshodi most days and I must say, the traffic I experience on that route, especially on my way home after work, is very bad! However, this is now a thing of the past thankfully. These days, the drive home is so smooth that I get home before the day gets dark!

On a typical Tuesday, driving through the Osolo Way (off airport road) is an almost impossible task. This is because of the activities of the traders in the popular Aswani market.

Well, that was in the past! Now the whole road is free as all the traders have been "advised" to move into the market. No more street trading.

Illegal structures are being pulled down! In the course of these beautification of Lagos State, so many people are affected either because their shops were demolished or because their houses were demolished! I am not a holding brief for the State Government, but I must say the actions of the Governor are in order. The demolished structures, were illegal in the first place. Most of them were built over canals and gutters, thereby blocking the drainage system. Some were even built on the roads, obstructing the free flow of vehicles on the roads. Some even display their wares on the rails! Why would any sane human being put himself or herself to such risk by trading on the road or on the rail? The truth of the matter is that over the years, the State Government "closed its eye" to these wrongs. Not any more!

Governor Fashola is out to ensure that Lagos State gets a new look. Yes, a Brighter and Rewarding Future is very certain for the people of Lagos State. Well done Babatunde Raji Fashola!

Eko o ni baje!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama becomes the 44th President of America

Barack Hussein Obama officially became the 44th President of the United States of America at exactly 12.06pm, on Tuesday the 20th day of January 2009.

"Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real . . . but they 'll be met."

This is one of the many inspiring phrases I picked from Obama's inaugural speech. And I'd like to add this ... Yes you can! Yes Americans will meet those challenges! In deed, all Nations of the World can meet all challenges they face! Yes we can!

Some historical facts to note:
* Barack Obama is the 1st BLACK President of the United States of America.

* The Lincoln Bible has not been used in an inaugural ceremony since 1861. That means Barack Obama is the 2nd President to use that Bible.

* Barack Obama is the 5th youngest person elected as President of the USA.

* Barack Obama became President of the USA at 12.00pm even without taking oath. This is because the American Constitution states that the term of a President begins at noon!

* Obama's inauguration is the most expensive ever!

I join several millions to say CONGRATULATIONS to the 44th President of the United States of America, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Okada in Naija

For those who do not know, there is a new law in Nigeria ensuring that all okada (motor bike) riders and their passengers wear a protective helmet. The interesting thing now is that most okada riders I see now are wearing "hard hats" instead of "helmets".

Some okada riders are even improvising by using an empty paint bucket, like the one in the picture below.

I received this picture in my mail and I felt I should share the laugh! Notice that this rider has another "hard hat" strapped to his motor bike, he just chose to use an empty paint bucket!

Children in Love

Who says children do not know love?!

I just read the news about two little Germans aged 5 and six who planned to elope to Africa to get married!

The children, who say they are "very much in love", packed some of their belongings and headed for the airport. They were stopped by a by a policeman in Hanover.

Read more here.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Welcome 2009!

May the joy, peace and love of God Almighty continually permeate the earth.


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