Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eko o ni baje (2)

Lagos State has changed! Yes O! There is a great wind of change sweeping through Lagos State. This wind of change is ridding Lagos of all vices!

One of such include the indiscipline and reckless nature of drivers, especially the commercial bus drivers! These group of people have been known for their gross indiscipline. Now they drive with some sense of "orderliness" You hardly see them weaving in and out of traffic for fear of having their vehicles impounded by the law enforcement agents.

Also, it is now illegal to trade on the streets of Lagos. This is very common at major bus stops like Obalende, Mushin, Oshodi etc. I drive through Oshodi most days and I must say, the traffic I experience on that route, especially on my way home after work, is very bad! However, this is now a thing of the past thankfully. These days, the drive home is so smooth that I get home before the day gets dark!

On a typical Tuesday, driving through the Osolo Way (off airport road) is an almost impossible task. This is because of the activities of the traders in the popular Aswani market.

Well, that was in the past! Now the whole road is free as all the traders have been "advised" to move into the market. No more street trading.

Illegal structures are being pulled down! In the course of these beautification of Lagos State, so many people are affected either because their shops were demolished or because their houses were demolished! I am not a holding brief for the State Government, but I must say the actions of the Governor are in order. The demolished structures, were illegal in the first place. Most of them were built over canals and gutters, thereby blocking the drainage system. Some were even built on the roads, obstructing the free flow of vehicles on the roads. Some even display their wares on the rails! Why would any sane human being put himself or herself to such risk by trading on the road or on the rail? The truth of the matter is that over the years, the State Government "closed its eye" to these wrongs. Not any more!

Governor Fashola is out to ensure that Lagos State gets a new look. Yes, a Brighter and Rewarding Future is very certain for the people of Lagos State. Well done Babatunde Raji Fashola!

Eko o ni baje!


Writefreak said...

Hmm Fashola is trying in Lagos state o!I salute him!

AlooFar said...

That dude is trying. Maybe we need 36 of his kind ;)

'sola said...

I don't live in Lagos but even a random visitor, i appreciate his work. It's people like him we need in government, our homemade version of change.


amin oh!

Those of us Lagosians over here are constantly talking about Fashola. I know he is far from perfect, but his achievements have forced me to commend him on the successful changes he has encouraged. More grease to his elbows and may Lagos and its people continue to do big things!

OluwaDee said...

yes o!
Eko o ni baje o.

I know osolo way quite well.

Dee! said...

WRITEFREAK: Yes O! Fashola is really trying.

ALOOFAR: With 36 of his kind, 9ja will take a real positive turn for the best! We can only pray!

'SOLA: It is good to hear that a "random visitor" appreciates his work! Thanks for stopping by.

SOLOMONSYDELLE: Amen to your prayers! It is good to know that good works are noticed even from outside!

OLUWADEE: True. Eko O ni baje!

Buttercup said...

wow, thats really encouraging..we hardly hear good news about naija these days, u know..thank God!

LG said...

bros fash for second term :)

Naijalines said...

I've heard so many good things about the transformation of Lagos. Fash must do a second term o. Lets hope the others follow his example.

Buttercup said...

just checking on u!

OluwaDee said...

Oya, update you blog.

Rita said...

I have seen his handwork. He is trying well well. He is a pace setter

Dee! said...

LG: My sista how u dey? Yes o! FASH for 2nd term jare!

BUTTERCUP: I'm fine . . .just being a bit lazy. Thank you for asking.

OLUWADEE: I will update very soon...

RITA: Yes he is indeed a pace setter. if only other Governors will emulate his good virtues.

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