Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby in the House

Sometime ago, I narrated how my two kids bombarded me with all sorts of questions and of course demanded for an additional baby. Well that has finally come to past. They now have a baby sister to call their own. Yes O! I had a beautiful baby girl a couple of weeks ago. So, right now I am at home nursing my little angel!

I thank God Almighty for a very safe, smooth and successful delivery. It was by the Grace of God that I was able to carry the pregnancy from the beginning to the end. It was also by the Grace of Almighty God that the delivery was uncomplicated, defiling all medical myths. Father Lord, I thank You for all these and much more in Jesus Name!

I do not mind waking up at odd hours to attend to my baby. However, when One Dresser, the night crawler wakes me up at 2am or 3am, I get really upset! Well for one he is not my baby!

Let’s leave One Dresser for a later time. I actually thought that with the birth of this Baby, my older kids will let me be! But no, they would not, particularly my son. As far as he is concerned I have to give birth to a baby boy, so they can be two in the house! Can you imagine?! I just informed him very sweetly that Mummy is through having babies. Although this did not go down well with him, but I only pray he understands.

Now I have three kids. For the purpose of this blog I’ll name them Gee!, Tee! and Little Dee! Gee! is 7. Tee! is 3 going on 4. Little Dee! is 0 years old. LOL!

Got to go now, Little Dee! is calling! By the way I am a firm believer of exclusive breast feeding, so I breast feed Little Dee! on demand.
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