Wednesday, July 29, 2009

. . . craters on our roads!

There has been a little break from the rains. At least there had been no rain for some days now. I thought with this little dryness, there would be a free flow of vehicular movement on the Apapa/Oshodi Expressway. For the period it rained, I was always resuming late. It is not news that the roads are bad, but whenever there is any little rainfall, there will be traffic jam. The sort of traffic commuters are faced with is really alarming! What is going on?

There are so many pot holes on our roads. These pot holes are better described as craters because they have graduated to another level! Just imagine a hole wide and deep enough to contain three large tyres, like that of a trailer! Yes. That is how wide some of these craters are. The craters along the Apapa/Oshodi express way are awesome! Every day these craters expand and if a driver is not careful, the car could get stuck in one! Especially when covered with rain water.

As if that is not enough, the trailers and other large trucks have taken over the road leaving little or no space for smaller cars to drive through.

The irony of all these is that the Apapa/Oshodi Expressway is a very MAJOR road in Lagos. It is a major road which leads to one of the major ports in the Country - Apapa Harbour. Everyday hundreds of trucks, trailers and containers ply that route in order to get to the Port. The amount of revenue generated from that port can not be over emphasised. The question now is -"WHY IS THAT ROAD NEGLECTED! WHY?!

Sometime last week, the minister of works was in Lagos to examine the deplorable state of the road. News had it that he was trapped for just two hours and his aides and officials "advised" him not to go any further! Why? How then would he know the state of the road? In my opinion, the minister would not appreciate what commuters who ply this route go through. On a typical day, when the traffic jam is at its peak, people remain on a spot for as long as one hour. It does not matter if you leave your house at 5am, once the road has traffic, you cannot escape it! It is that bad. I am speaking from experience.

Apapa/Oshodi Express way in pictures!

- Flood on the road!

Well no matter what I still believe . . . "Eko o ni baje"

God help us!


Have you any wool said...

You really took your time with the pictures. Nigeria is full of selfish people, most of them leaders

chayoma said...

God help us!

Dee! said...

HAVE YOU ANY WOOL: Yes o! I had to take pictures to back my stories. We need to over haul the government.

Thank you for visiting.

CHAYOMA: Amen to your prayers! Thank you for visiting.

LG said...

hmm' dis looks like 'river trinity'

O'Dee said...

The road is a federal road that y Fashola hasnt bothered himself with it, but last I heard he decided to do it. That was like 2 weeks ago.


Dee!, thanks for putting up these pics. I have a post coming up on Nigerian Curiosity tomorrow (Friday, July 31st) regarding roads in lagos. Will link to this post so readers can check this out as well.

BTW, I will need your help identifying the road and location, if you can...


StandTall-The Activist said...

I think this is a federal government fault and I hope the Lagos state govt will do all they can to make the federal govt respond nd fulfill thier duty.

Dee! said...

LG: You are right. It is "river trinity". How you dey jare?!

O'DEE: Yes. It is a Federal Road. Fashola has nothing to do with it. The State roads are undergoing serious repairs.

How are you. How is Aleesha? Stay strong.

SOLOMONSYDELLE: Thank you for the link.

The road is the Apapa/Oshodi Expressway beginning from Mile 2 all the way to Tin Can 2nd Gate.

STANDTALL: The Federal Government is shying away from its responsibilities. That road is a Federal Road - it leads to the Tin Can Island Port and Apapa Port. The Federal Government generates a lot of money from these Ports!

rethots said...

Even the Supreme Court Justices have been trapped in hold-up on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. One thing we just need to keep alive, HOPE; don't think it can get any, only one way to go, get better.

Dee! said...

RETHOTS: can only get better jare!

Olamild said...

eko o kuku ni baje
With time , things will fall in place.
We will not relent in prayers n more until LAgos becomes what it ought to be and not just what we want it to be.

Dee! said...

Lagos will surely be what it ought to be!
Eko o ni baje.

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