Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This guy stands 6 foot tall
He has a good reading habit
Whenever I see him, he is either reading a newspaper, a magazine or any other reading material

He is always dressed in a pair of trousers, shirt and a jacket
The trouser is brown, the shirt is blue and the jacket is red
What a combination of colours!

He has no fixed abode, he wanders from place to place

I have termed him a mentally challenged man
As a man in that class, nobody wants to be associated with him
I want to believe he is from a family, he definitely was born of a woman
. . . but nobody goes close to him

I wonder . . .
What could have been responsible for his present state?

One day I heard him speak!
He has a good command of the english language
Infact he speaks better than some mentally fit people

I was very impressed!
Now what could be wrong with him?
I just wonder

One day I stopped to have a word with him . . .
I asked him if he would not mind if I give him some clothes . . .
His reply: "I would mind. I'd rather you give me money instead"

I pondered over this for I thought to myself he sure knows what he wants!
But I have a problem, I can not give him money!
Money to do what?

Well he gave me an answer. . .
I saw him drinking a big bottle of Guiness Stout a couple of days back!
So, if I had given him money. . . he would have used the money to drink beer or smoke weed instead of eating good food!
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