Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This guy stands 6 foot tall
He has a good reading habit
Whenever I see him, he is either reading a newspaper, a magazine or any other reading material

He is always dressed in a pair of trousers, shirt and a jacket
The trouser is brown, the shirt is blue and the jacket is red
What a combination of colours!

He has no fixed abode, he wanders from place to place

I have termed him a mentally challenged man
As a man in that class, nobody wants to be associated with him
I want to believe he is from a family, he definitely was born of a woman
. . . but nobody goes close to him

I wonder . . .
What could have been responsible for his present state?

One day I heard him speak!
He has a good command of the english language
Infact he speaks better than some mentally fit people

I was very impressed!
Now what could be wrong with him?
I just wonder

One day I stopped to have a word with him . . .
I asked him if he would not mind if I give him some clothes . . .
His reply: "I would mind. I'd rather you give me money instead"

I pondered over this for I thought to myself he sure knows what he wants!
But I have a problem, I can not give him money!
Money to do what?

Well he gave me an answer. . .
I saw him drinking a big bottle of Guiness Stout a couple of days back!
So, if I had given him money. . . he would have used the money to drink beer or smoke weed instead of eating good food!


Emilia said...

That so true I never give money to homeless pple either...I agree 100%

Buttercup said...

I've been tryna leave a coment for so long!

Sigh. At least Gos saw your good intentions..

Howz the fam??

Dee! said...

EMILIA: Thank you jare! How much weight have you lost so far?

BUTTERCUP: No mind blogger! Yes O! God saw my good intentions.

We are fine thank you. How are you and Chari?

Buttercup said...

We are good, thanks..hanging in there!

Tisha said...

it saddens me when i see lives destroyed by drugs/ any addiction.

its why i fight addictions.
you were right not to give him money.
I think i'll pray for him.

Dee! said...

TISHA: You can say that again. The sad thing is that these addicts don't care about their lives.

Your prayers will go a long way.

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