Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby Goat

Is this a goat or a human in goat skin?

Well, if it is truly a goat, it must be a very precious goat!

Just wondering, did this guy tie the goat to his back or the goat is just clinging on him?


rayo said...


rayo said...

for some reason i haven't been able to access this blog 4 months. it just dsnt open on my lappie nd then all of a sudden today it does.

rayo said...

lmao at d pix!

Dee! said...

RAYO, why would this blog refuse to open om yor lappie???? Is it blogger or internet explorer?? Tell me so I know who to address the writ to!

I am also lmao @ the pix!

So how are you doing?

Buttercup said...

I crack up so hard everytime I see this! I cant begin to imagine what circumstance led to!

sunnyside said...

lol...i cant but wonder 2, is that really an ordinary goat? must be a very special one. cool picture and nice blog

Dee! said...

BUTTERCUP: I also can't imagine "what circumstance led to it". How are you doing.

SUNNYSIDE:Yes o! The goat must be a very special one. Thanks for stopping by.

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