Friday, September 25, 2009


Sometime ago, I was informed that there was in circulation, contaminated beans. Immediately, I ensured that the proteinous legume was not included in any meal I eat or prepare! That means no more "moi-moi", no more "akara".

Just as I was adjusting to a non-beans diet, I received a text from a friend of mine. The text reads thus:                    
"Pls avoid eating apple for now.
        News said there are so many people
        in d hospital now. Pls pass it on."
All I could say was "very soon there will be nothing left for us to eat". As if to buttress this "fact", I received an email that the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has warned that nobody should eat apples for sometime. This really got me worried because I love apples, afterall, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away".

Well the good news here is that there is a press release from NAFDAC stating that they never issued any alert warning the public against eating apples! In a statement by the Director-General of NAFDAC, Dr. Paul Orhii, NAFDAC promised to launch a full-scale investigation into the matter. Please read full story here.

In another story published in the Vanguard newspaper recently, a couple were accused of "plucking" out the eyes of another man because he refused to move out of the flat. This, I call "man inhumanity to man". For more on this, click here.

In another strange but true story, I read about a 61 years old American woman, Penelope Sharon Jordan, who hid the body of her dead mother for almost 6 years! She did this to enable her collect her mother's pension! What was she thinking of? She is 61 years old! Read the full story here.


simeone said... comment seems to have vanished...
howz baby dee...? trust you are doing great..
yeah.heard the apple gist,,i guess its for a while..

Myne Whitman said...

I love the picture of that akara and moi moi. No more beans? I weak oo. LOL. Na bad belle ppl start the apple one.

First time here but I'll be back.

Writefreak said...

I heard the apple one too, my pastor even announced it in for hubby to get back and tell me there was a counter news...thank God, i love apples!
Wonders shall never cease, hiding her mother's dead body for 6 years! Jesus Christ!

Dee! said...

SIMEONE: No mind blogger jare. Baby Dee! is doing great. Thank you. Yeah I feel the apple gist is for a while. And as long as that "while" last, I will stay off apples! You know there is no rumour without some elements of truth!

How you dey sha? Stay blessed!

MYNE WHITMAN: Na wa o! Imagine staying off beans for a long time! I don't know what to think about the apple gist again.

Thanks for visiting and please do come back. Stay blessed.

WRITEFREAK: LOL! I also LOVE apples... but my sister I no go lie, I have not eaten an apple for almost a week now! Hmmmm!

That lady needs a psychiatric evaluation!

Stay blessed.

HYAW said...

I also heard that apple gist. i used to think beans was everyone's worst food.

Dee! said...

HYAW: What did you do when you heard the apple gist?

Yeah! Beans might not be on the list of favourites, but I find myself craving for beans sometimes. lol

Rita said...

Apples!!! Not Apples...

LOL @ the gist of the 61 year old woman...cant believe it :-)

Dee! said...

Rita yes o! APPLES!

No mind the old woman!

Afronuts said...

Ive been hearing this news too.

lol...its true an apple a day keeps the doctor away but do u know that the apples brought into naija are not grown naturally? I even heard some people artificially grow them and use chemicals to ripen them

Dee! said...

AFRONUTS: You don't say! You mean the apples I have been eating are not properly grown?! Chei! This is getting really scary! Na wa o!

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