Friday, November 13, 2009

Thank God for my life!

This is a day of JOY!
This is a day of PEACE!
This is a day of PEACE!
This is a day of LOVE!

Yes! Today is my BIRTHDAY!

I thank God Almighty, for all the love!

For all the good will messages I received, I say thank you!


simeone said...

many happi returns,,hapi baiday..
remain blessed

histreasure said...

Hey Dee..happy Birthday and a glorious New Year to you...May God's gracious hand keep you..

hope you had fun!!

Writefreak said...

Awww happy birthday (hope i'm not too late)
Wishing you the best year ever!

ps: You're the same month with my Mr!


awww, happy belated bday, Dee!!!!
So sorry I missed telling you happy bday on Friday, babe!

Dee! said...

SIMEONE: My brother thank you! No be small baiday o!

HISTREASURE: My learned colleague thank you. Amen to your prayers and good wishes.

WRITEFREAK: Its never too late wishing me a happy birthday! Whao! So your Mr. is a November guy! Correct. Che you see how special we are! lol!!

SOLOMONSYDELLE: Thank you my sista!
How are the trio?!

m1ke said...

happy belated bday

Dee! said...

M1KE: Thank you! Thank you for stopping by.

aloted said...

eyah! i missed ur birthday! hope u had fun sha?!!!

More blessings from above!

Myne Whitman said...

Belated birthday wishes, more blessings...

Dee! said...

MYNE: Thank you and Amen!

ALOTED: Yes, I had fun Mama baby! How is Princess?

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