Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye-Bye 2009!

The past year was full of so many intrigues. So many things happened in the year 2009. Some good, some bad, some not so good and not so bad . . . But in ALL I have learnt to thank God!

In retrospect, I remember that the year 2009 was ushered in with great expectations. Just as the year draws to an end and as I recount the events of the year, all I can say is THANK YOU LORD!

In 2009, I saw 365 days! Now that is miraculous! Although each day had its own unique blessings, some days were just sad days. For instance, in 2009 some people I know passed on. I pray their sweet souls continually rest in peace in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Chist.

In all the events of the year 2009, the birth of my third child stands out. Thank God for a safe smooth and secured delivery.

These are my personal views about 2009. Others might have something different to say about 2009. I just want to encourage everyone to count their many blessings and name them one after the other. When we do this, we will see and believe that indeed, God has been good to us.


aloted said...

happy new year!!! all i can say is thank u LORD!!!

Dee! said...

ALOTED: Yes O! Thank God for ALL! Happy New Year! Hugs and kisses to Princess!

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