Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santa 's List

This is the first day in the month of December. The time when most kids expect to get gifts from "Santa Claus" or "Father Christmas".

Over the years, "Santa Claus" has been giving Gee! and Tee! (my first two kids) gifts. Now I will have 3 names on that list I am sending to Santa. I have to include Little Dee! on that list. LOL! As far as Gee! and Tee! are concerned, Santa would definately send them gifts. It comes authomatically. Well, I have another plan for them this Christmas! lol!

Yesterday, I told them that Santa Claus sent me an email and he wanted to know if they have been of good behaviour. Now it is for me to qualify "good behaviour". Immediately, Gee! defended herself:       

Gee! - Mummy is my name on the list you are sending to Santa Claus?
Me  -  Hmmm! I am not sure. But do you think your name should be on that list?
Gee!  - Yes Mummy. I have been a good girl. You have been telling me that I am a good girl, so I know I am a good girl. That was why my tooth fairy gave me money when my tooth came out.

See me see trouble o! Can you imagine her sense! I wonder if she will still hold this line of reasoning in the next 2 years! Anyway, the talk continues, this time with the little man of the house Tee! For a child who is four years old, he knows too much.

Tee! - Mummy did you write my name on the list?
Me -  Do you think your name is on the list?
Tee! - (laughing) Yes, my name is on the list!
Me -   Right now, as it stands, your name is not on that list. Do you know why?
Tee! - (speaking with a very low voice) No.
Me  -  Your name is not on the list because you cry and whine unnecessarily.
Tee!  - Okay I promise I will not whine or cry again.
Me  - Why should I believe you now? You made the same promise last week and several times before. Why should I believe you?
Tee!  -  I promise now. Okay if I do not stop whining then don't put my name on the list next time.
Me - I will hold you to that. (addressing Gee! and Tee!) So what do you guys want for Christmas?
Gee!  - I want a pair of black shoes! (Typical woman)
Tee! - I want a Ben Ten gift!
Me  - But Tee! you have lots of Ben Ten toys and three Omnitrixes! Are you not tired of Ben Ten?
Tee!  -  No!!

See me see trouble o! Like a friend of mine said, na me find trouble! Well let me send that email to Santa so they can get their gifts on Christmas day!


aloted said...

aww bless! your kids are too smart and sound cute..am sure they are cute :)

pls email santa quick quick...

Dee! said...

Mama Princess how you dey? Yes o! I thank God for blessing me with them! I am still waiting for Santa's reply. lol! :)

StandTall-The Activist said...

Good method I would say

Myne Whitman said...

Ahhh, I can just imagine the expectation on their faces. I simply love Christmas, enjoyed it even more as a child..

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