Friday, January 15, 2010

Help Save Haiti!

The recent massive earthquake that rocked Haiti, has left over thousands of people dead and several others homeless. Somany children have become orphans as a result of this unfortunate incidence. I watched CNN news and I saw Dr. Sanjay, a CNN medical correspondent giving medical treatment to a baby whose mother died in the quake! This baby is only 15 DAYS old! My sympathy goes to the people of Haiti right now.

International Organisations such as the UN and Red Cross have formulated ways to send relief to Haiti. Donations can also be sent by text, that is for people living in America and Canada. However, for other Countries, donations can be sent online.

Please visit these sites and do something positive for Haiti:

Do a google search to find out how you can be of help.

In addition to monetary donations, the survivors and indeed the entire Haiti Nation need prayers from people all over the world. Let us join hands and reach out to the Haitians!



That poor baby! Its things like this that force one to wonder why God allows bad things to happen to good people - after all, a 5 month old baby has done nothing to warrant such loss, right? But, who knows why, I''m just grateful that child didn't die and pray that he/she will have a blessed life.

Writefreak said...

Haiti is definitely in my prayers...the destruction is devastating! And that baby...God sure has a purpose for his or her life which i pray will be realised!


checking in for an update... hope all is well

Dee! said...

My people na so we see am o! God will continue to shower His Love and Blessing on the little child. That child was born to live! It is well in Jesus name.

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