Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yar'adua's Health

Well, it is a known fact that the Nigerian President was flown out of the Country on the 23rd day of November 2009 for medical treatment. His location was not disclosed. The ailment was also not known to the general public as at then. A few days after, his spokesman released a press statement that the President was in Saudi Arabia receiving treatment for a heart condition. According to the BBC report, Mr. President has acute pericarditis, otherwise known as inflammation of the lining around the heart.

I am not a medical practitioner, but when I googled for more information and I found that Pericarditis, is inflammation of the pericardium. The pericardium is the sac which surrounds and protects the heart. The heart, as we all know is a vital organ in the human body which pumps blood to other parts of the body.

I read here that complications arising from pericarditis can be life threatening and require immediate treatment.

The vacum created by the absence of the President has been generating a lot of criticism and concern. Right now there are three law suits in Court on this vacum created by the prolonged absence of the President. Read more here.

The news now is that the President is responding well to treatment. That is good considering the various crisis on ground. The Nigerian President needs prayers. At least for the peace and stability of the Nation. Let us all pray for the President to recover and resume is duties.

Long Live Nigeria!


Debbie said...

Long live Nigeria and here's hoping for better things ahead for the country

Dee! said...

Yes O Debbie. Amen! I really hope for better things ahead!

Happy New Year!

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