Friday, February 12, 2010

Aondoakaa, now Minister for Special Duties!

It is no longer business as usual for Michael Aondoakaa (SAN). The first thing the newly appointed Acting President, Goodluck Jonathan did was to redeploy Aondoakaa. The Acting President moved Aondoakaa from the prestigious office of the Attorney General to the Special Duties Ministry. The new Attorney General and Minister of Justice is Prince Adetokunbo Kayode (SAN), who was the Minister of Labour and Productivity.

When the former AG was asked how he felt, he said:  
"Well I am in the government, in the cabinet and I pledge my loyalty to the Vice-President. I'm the Minister of Special Duties." 
He even added that he has no regret for all his past actions because
"every single action I took was in the interest of this country. No attorney-general worth his salt will go to the pages of papers and say there is a vacuum."  

He was (is) very loyal to the ailing President. He even said Yar'Adua can rule the country from anywhere in the world, including a sick bed in a hospital in Saudi Arabia! Yes. Aondoakaa said so. This statement attracted criticisms from Nigerians. Some were even asking if Aondoakaa actually passed through the Law School.

Just last week, Aondoakaa shouted Prof Akunyili down when the later presented a memo to the Executive Council, asking that VP be sworn in as President. He said Akunyili  trying to make herself an angel and a cheap hero. He added that she (Akunyili) should "go and confront herself with what happened in NAFDAC." The question now is what happened in NAFDAC? Aondoakaa, please tell us what we do not know. Remember, he who assert must prove.

Anyway, in an attempt to right his wrongs, Aondoakaa wrote an apology letter to Akunyili stating amongst other things that he was quoted out of context. At least he had retracted the libelous statement and apologized to Akunyili. I'd say Aondoakaa is playing his politics well. Akunyili please forgive him for he acted under duress. Meanwhile enjoy your new portfolio Mr. Aondoakaa, M. (SAN).

Meanwhile the team delegated by the House of Representatives to visit the ailing President in King Faisal Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia were denied access to their President! Well it was worth trying. I believe they knew they won't be granted access to see the ailing President, knowing that other top players (including the Sultan of Sokoto and the PDP National Working Committee) have been denied access to the President. The First Lady, Turai Yar'Adua determines who can see her husband!

I am still trying to get an appropriate title for this home video! Any suggestions?

Long Live Nigeria!
Nigeria o ni baje o!* (Nigeria will not rot! )


Writefreak said...

Walahi, that guy is a disgrace to the legal profession!
And as for Turai...i will reserve my comments!
God bless Nigeria!

Dee! said...

WALAHI! He is a REAL disgrace to the legal profession! I have not met any lawyer that agrees with Aondoakaa's actions.
Me too I reserve my mouth for Turai.

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