Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The return of Mr. President!

Yar'Adua is back!

Just like that! About three months ago, Yar'Adua left the Country for medical treatment (without following due process). Now 93 days after he left the Country, Mr. President returned to the Country, just like that! It was reported that he arrived at the Presidential wing of the air port in Abuja at the wee hours. Hmmmm! Why was his arrival calculated in such a manner? Why did he come in the dark? Why was there an ambulance waiting for him at the airport? Why were journalists prevented from seeing him? Why were the floodlights on the tarmac dimmed? These are questions that should be answered! In answering these questions please let us remember that the office of the president is more important than the person of the president. How long will this hiding game continue?

Well I guess that with the "arrival" of Yar'Adua, Goodluck, the Acting President will "step aside" and leave the office for the President. Right?! Okay! He is expected to inform the Senate in writing of his arrival before Goodluck stops acting. Yeah. That was the content of the Resolution passed to empower Goodluck as Acting President. Well, until the Senate receives that letter, Goodluck will continue to "act".
Meanwhile the Saudi bound team were able to give the Saudi King the "appreciation letter". Like the teams before them, they were unable to see the President! Well, that has been over taken by the recent events. The drama is still unfolding. Nigerian are watching keenly!

Well, welcome back Mr. President! We wish you a speedy recovery!


AlooFar said...

Another drama begins.

Dee! said...

My brother, this is the beginning Act 2! Action!

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