Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rebuilding Jos! Rebuilding Nigeria!

Jos, the capital of Plateau State is a mining city and therefore known as the Tin City. Plateau State is known as the Home of Peace and Tourism! Like other States in Nigeria, Plateau State is made up of several ethnic groups. For years, ALL these groups lived in harmony.

I know this, because I schooled in Jos and I was there for 5 solid years! I really had a WONDERFUL time in Jos to the point that I nursed the idea of coming back to settle there. By the late 80s, when I left Jos, the city was still a very peaceful town.

Today, Jos is no longer the peaceful city I knew back then. The current situation in Jos is very tragic. Violence and crime is the order of the day! Brothers killing brothers! This violence must stop! Why would a human being take the life of another? We should learn to show love to humanity.

Right now, we need to rebuild Jos. We need to rebuild Plateau State and make it the State of Peace and Tourism that it was meant to be.

Some Nigerians have started putting together various schemes to get much needed relief to Jos. I was so touched by the level of efforts put in by some LOVE filled Nigerians to help rebuild Jos.

I visited a blog - We are Jos, and I must say, I was very impressed. God bless the team members of that blog for putting up that blog with a view to rebuilding Jos and helping the victims. God bless you all!

There are so many things that can be done to help the survivors in Jos. However, I suggest that any person who intends to make any donation should visit any registered charitable Organisation, such as the Nigerian Red Cross and ask for details of ways to make donations.

I was at NAIJABLOG and I saw details of an account where donations can be paid to help rebuild Jos. This is an account for the NIGERIAN RED CROSS strictly for aiding the Jos survivors. The Nigerian Red Cross is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious, and non-ethnic humanitarian organisation. The major objective of this Organisation is primarily to assist people who are victims of disasters, by providing shelters, food, clothing etc.

I also suggest that before making any donation into any bank account, please confirm and verify that the account is really for the charitable organisation and for the purpose of your donation.

Please do something. Help spread the word and get people to send donations as well. Apart from monetary aids, food items, clothes, medications and all other forms of relief aids can also be donated. Please save a life. Put a smile on a face.

While the rebuilding efforts are going on, I pray that there would be no more violence in our Nation. I pray that the LOVE that surpasses all understanding will bind us in Nigeria!

God Bless Nigeria!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Scarcity is defined as the state or fact of being scarce; shortness of supply, especially of necessaries

When something is scarce, it is hard to get. When something is scarce, it is hard to find. When something is scarce, it is in short supply!

In the past, there had been scarcities upon scarcities in Nigeria. Not too long ago, there was a scarcity of Petroleum products, particularly petrol (pms). Just when Nigerians were getting over that scarcity, the butchers embarked on a "strike" which resulted to the scarcity of beef! Can you imagine that? Butchers on strike!

Well, another group of people have joined the strike wagon. They are the tomatoes and pepper sellers. Yes O! They are currently on strike, thereby making tomatoes and pepper very scarce!

I went shopping over the weekend and when I stopped at the stall I usually buy my tomatoes and pepper, I had the following conversation with the woman (lets just call her Customer):
Dee!: Customer good morning. Why is your stall empty?
Customer: Good morning o! We are on strike!
Dee!: *sounding very surprised* "We"? What are you talking about?
Customer: *laughing* Pepper sellers now. We are on strike.
Dee!: Why? What for?
Customer: I don't know o. They just said we are on strike!

Now can you imagine joining a strike without knowing the reason for the strike?!

Meanwhile, as I was shopping, I suddenly realised that there was little or no "reds" in the market. As I was driving back home, I noticed a road side seller had some tomatoes and pepper displayed for sale. I stopped to buy and when she told me the price, I SCREAMED! Four small sized tomatoes for N500.00 (approximately $3.3).


 At the end of the day, this was what I bought for N1,500 (approximately $10.)

Tomatoes and Peppers

Right now, so many things are scarce in Nigeria, even humans!

God help us!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Eating out!

Food business is definitely a very good and lucrative business. This is because, no matter what, people MUST eat! At some point, we have eaten out, even if it is not in the beautifully furnished food outlets. In Nigeria, there are local joints, popularly known as "bukas". There are several bukas in Lagos, even in the high class areas, and these joints enjoy great patronage from executives to clerks. Another local joint is the beer parlour, where "isi ewu" (a local dish made from goat meat) or cat fish pepper soup are served with the beer.

How many times have we stopped to wonder the source of that food we eat outside our homes? Have we ever seen how the food we eat is prepared? Have we ever imagined how these food or ingredients are preserved? How clean or healthy is the food you eat, particularly outside your home?

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration (NAFDAC), the regulatory body for food and drug matters in Nigeria had been visiting ALL fast food joints in Nigeria, with a view to ensuring compliance with the Good Hygienic Practice.

This recent activity which commenced October 2009, is a welcome development, considering that in the past, NAFDAC paid more attention to drugs and cosmetics. So far, the mighty hand of NAFDAC had fallen on some big players in the fast food business for carrying out their business under "unhygienic conditions". The first was Sweet Sensation. According to the news, the NAFDAC inspectors were shocked to discover that the source of water for the outlet was a borehole located close to an underground concrete sewage . . .

Hmmmm! Then some weeks ago, another fast food outlet was sealed. This time around, it was Tetrazzini. The vivid description of the entire premises made me sick. Imagine storing "fresh fish in deep freezers that were not properly functional. . ." or water pipes "leaking with algae growth and cobwebs around them . . ."

NAFDAC, please continue this exercise. Pay surprise visits to these outlets and please continue to make your findings public.
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