Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rebuilding Jos! Rebuilding Nigeria!

Jos, the capital of Plateau State is a mining city and therefore known as the Tin City. Plateau State is known as the Home of Peace and Tourism! Like other States in Nigeria, Plateau State is made up of several ethnic groups. For years, ALL these groups lived in harmony.

I know this, because I schooled in Jos and I was there for 5 solid years! I really had a WONDERFUL time in Jos to the point that I nursed the idea of coming back to settle there. By the late 80s, when I left Jos, the city was still a very peaceful town.

Today, Jos is no longer the peaceful city I knew back then. The current situation in Jos is very tragic. Violence and crime is the order of the day! Brothers killing brothers! This violence must stop! Why would a human being take the life of another? We should learn to show love to humanity.

Right now, we need to rebuild Jos. We need to rebuild Plateau State and make it the State of Peace and Tourism that it was meant to be.

Some Nigerians have started putting together various schemes to get much needed relief to Jos. I was so touched by the level of efforts put in by some LOVE filled Nigerians to help rebuild Jos.

I visited a blog - We are Jos, and I must say, I was very impressed. God bless the team members of that blog for putting up that blog with a view to rebuilding Jos and helping the victims. God bless you all!

There are so many things that can be done to help the survivors in Jos. However, I suggest that any person who intends to make any donation should visit any registered charitable Organisation, such as the Nigerian Red Cross and ask for details of ways to make donations.

I was at NAIJABLOG and I saw details of an account where donations can be paid to help rebuild Jos. This is an account for the NIGERIAN RED CROSS strictly for aiding the Jos survivors. The Nigerian Red Cross is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious, and non-ethnic humanitarian organisation. The major objective of this Organisation is primarily to assist people who are victims of disasters, by providing shelters, food, clothing etc.

I also suggest that before making any donation into any bank account, please confirm and verify that the account is really for the charitable organisation and for the purpose of your donation.

Please do something. Help spread the word and get people to send donations as well. Apart from monetary aids, food items, clothes, medications and all other forms of relief aids can also be donated. Please save a life. Put a smile on a face.

While the rebuilding efforts are going on, I pray that there would be no more violence in our Nation. I pray that the LOVE that surpasses all understanding will bind us in Nigeria!

God Bless Nigeria!


rayo said...

its so sad wats hapnin there ryt now...

Dee! said...

Yes Rayo, so sad! God help us.
Hope you are good?

aloted said...

o ga ...may God help us ooo!

did you do secondary or uni in Jos? just curious

Dee! said...

Aloted, O ma ga o! I believe God is already at work in Jos! The perpetrators will be brought to justice in Jesus Name.

I was in Jos for my Secondary education.

Jaycee said...

Glad you mentioned that people shd be careful...hope no scams arise from this.

Dee! said...

Jaycee, I feel you on that. That why I suggest we send our donations to Red Cross direct!

Writefreak said...

Jos is always on my mind, and in my prayers...i will look into giving though my church is giving there!

Dee! said...

God bless you Writefreak!

Myne Whitman said...

I saw you about and came to see if you've updated.

Have a happy Easter dear.

Dee! said...

Thanks Myne! I hope you had a wondeful Easter celebration!

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