Monday, March 15, 2010


Scarcity is defined as the state or fact of being scarce; shortness of supply, especially of necessaries

When something is scarce, it is hard to get. When something is scarce, it is hard to find. When something is scarce, it is in short supply!

In the past, there had been scarcities upon scarcities in Nigeria. Not too long ago, there was a scarcity of Petroleum products, particularly petrol (pms). Just when Nigerians were getting over that scarcity, the butchers embarked on a "strike" which resulted to the scarcity of beef! Can you imagine that? Butchers on strike!

Well, another group of people have joined the strike wagon. They are the tomatoes and pepper sellers. Yes O! They are currently on strike, thereby making tomatoes and pepper very scarce!

I went shopping over the weekend and when I stopped at the stall I usually buy my tomatoes and pepper, I had the following conversation with the woman (lets just call her Customer):
Dee!: Customer good morning. Why is your stall empty?
Customer: Good morning o! We are on strike!
Dee!: *sounding very surprised* "We"? What are you talking about?
Customer: *laughing* Pepper sellers now. We are on strike.
Dee!: Why? What for?
Customer: I don't know o. They just said we are on strike!

Now can you imagine joining a strike without knowing the reason for the strike?!

Meanwhile, as I was shopping, I suddenly realised that there was little or no "reds" in the market. As I was driving back home, I noticed a road side seller had some tomatoes and pepper displayed for sale. I stopped to buy and when she told me the price, I SCREAMED! Four small sized tomatoes for N500.00 (approximately $3.3).


 At the end of the day, this was what I bought for N1,500 (approximately $10.)

Tomatoes and Peppers

Right now, so many things are scarce in Nigeria, even humans!

God help us!


Debbie said...

Indeed God help us. So few tomatoes, for so much. How will the poor survive.
Lets thank God for small mercies.

Jaycee said...

Even humans! True, as can be seen in the Jos slaughter. God help us!

muyiwa said...

Naija,God go help us

Dee! said...

DEBBIE: We shall all survive. No matter the circumstance. Thank God for alternatives.

JAYCEE:When I said humans are scarce, I never had Jos in mind, I was referring to another thing entirely. The Jos crisis is really one that calls for serious actions! Spiritual and physical actions! God help us!

MUYIWA: Na only God go help and save Naija! I visited your blog and I must say, "WELL DONE!" God will bless you and your team members on the work you are doing for Jos. I'll spread the word! Well done!

histreasure said...

my sister, na so we see..but the situation is much improved now and should normalise by the weekend..ah, it was really bad!!

Dee! said...

HISTREASURE: No be small thing o! Thankfully, the situation is okay now. Anyway, it was not bound to last since these are perishble goods!

Anonymous said...

N1500 for that!!what da heck?

Dee! said...

Yes N1,500 for that! Thankfully, everything is okay now!

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