Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Women in Politics!

The political drums have been rolled out in readiness for the forthcoming election in 2011. All the players are ensuring they are "well placed", with the "right political godfather", in the "right political party".

No sooner than Dr. Goodluck was sworn in as the President, people started telling him not to contest for Presidency because the Presidency was zoned to the North! Please let the guy settle down and serve Nigeria for the short time he has.

Politicians are swapping Parties, moving from their original Party to another. Simply put, the Politicians are making sure they are well aligned! Yet, others are doing last minute make over (as if the people are myopic or blind). Well, time will tell.

It is no longer news that Senator Gbemi Saraki wants to be the first female Governor of Kwara State. There is a website for that. However, the Supreme Council for Shariah in Kwara State recently issued a statement saying it is against Islamic Law for a female to be a leader!

Alhaji Tijani Edun, the state coordinator, said the legacy and Islamic culture will be destroyed if a female should rule the state come 2011. In an attempt to safe guard the Islamic culture, the Supreme Council for Shariah has called on all Muslims in the State to converge at the YIDI praying ground in Ilorin on the Sunday, 30 May 2010 for special prayers to ensure that a woman is not imposed as the next Governor.

As a Senator, representing a senatorial district, I believe she is a leader. As a leader, Gbemisola Saraki registered a foundation - the HAVE FOUNDATION to reach out to the poor in her constituency.
Through the foundation, she has been giving financial support to the needy. She has also purchased tractors with implements to assist rural farmers in land cultivation in her constituency. The empowerment programme has also benefited 33 people. One of them, Mallam Abdulrasaq Hossein Eja got a Mazda 626 for commercial purposes, while the remaining 32 got cash awards ranging from N450,000 to N15,000, hair dryers, grinding machines, sewing and pressing irons as well as motorcycles.
If the Supreme Council for Shariah hold strongly to the Islamic beliefs, why was Gbemisola (a serving Senator) voted to the National House of Assembly in the first place?

My history teacher, taught me about a Muslim female leader and warrior, known and addressed as QUEEN AMINA of Zaria. Hello! Amina of Zaria was a notable female Muslim leader!

I wonder, is the fight/prayer against Gbemi as a woman or against Gbemi as a SARAKI?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mourning the President!

Finally, President Umaru Yar'adua has gone to rest.

News has it that he died yesterday after a prolonged battle with a heart ailment.

The Acting President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan will now be sworn in as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Yar'adua is the fifth Nigeria ruler to die while in power.

Rest in peace Yar'adua.

God Bless Nigeria! Long live the Federal Republic in Nigeria!
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