Monday, July 26, 2010


Workers at the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), otherwise known and popularly referred to as NEPA are were planning to go on a nation wide strike! What a paradox! The strike is based on the non-payment of over N69 BILLION as accrued benefits! WOW!

Most buildings in Nigeria rely on self generated power in order to get electricity supplied to their houses! There are different classes of power generators, from the "I better pass my neighbour" generating set to inverters and even solar. The noise pollution generated from the generators is very unbearable!

Why bother announcing the intended strike! How often do we get power from the PHCN?! They are really living up to their name - POWER HOLDING, they hold the power well! Meanwhile, I do not support the fact that they are been owed their benefits/entitlements. So, please FG pay them O!

Anyway, the strike has been shelved till tomorrow (Tuesday) 27 July 2010. Please read more here.

I would have loved to see and appreciate the strike! It would not make much difference anyway!


AlooFar said...

They should go on strike. Maybe if NEPA operations come to a standstill, someone will come to his senses...

Dee! said...

Maybe! But I doubt if "they" will come to their senses! The common man will not notice the strike because he is used to staying without light! God de sha!

Anonymous said...

PHCN has bn good in the past few months. I cant remember the last time I used my Gen or even purchased fuel for gen. This has saved me lots of money. I have just exhausted my credit on the prepaid meter this morning and went out to recharge in the PHCN office only to hear that they are on strike..(the need to reconfirm the statement led me to this site) I need them to be back at work. Staying without light has been a misnomer, at least lately, and I pray it continues that way. Govt please stop this corruption and pay these people their benefits, perhaps, a better and timely pay may boost their productivity and commitment to work.

Dee! said...

Anonymous you are enjoying o! I buy fuel for my generator every other day because my inveter is messing up now.

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