Thursday, August 26, 2010


Yesterday, the workers in the PHCN commenced a nationwide strike. As a result, the entire nation (I believe) was plunged into darkness. My neighbourhood was a bit noisy last night because almost every house generated its own electricity via a generating set.

Blackout Naija
The news this morning now is that this so called strike has been "suspended". I wonder, is that supposed to make us happy? For crying out loud, the power situation in Nigeria is NOT encouraging! Most people generate their power themselves! Some use, generators, some use solar and some use inverters. Some even use all three!

Dee: The strike by the PHCN workers have been suspended after Johnathan "stepped" into the issue.
Colleague: Is that supposed to be news?
Dee: *Laughing very hard*
Colleague: Why are you laughing? Has there ever been light? Answer me.
Dee: Well the power situation has been on and off. You know, it is kind of epileptic!
Colleague: Exactly! We've not had light for over a week!
Dee: Wow! But seriously, that is a fair deal.
Colleague: What do you mean by that?
Dee: There are some areas in this same Lagos that had been without light for MONTHS! I just thank God for the availability of petrol and the money to buy the petrol.
Colleague: Yes o! They can continue the strike for all I care! The Nation does not rely on them for electricity anymore. I mean why would any right thinking human go on strike and withhold the service that is NOT even provided in the first place? Nonsense.
Dee: The irony is that the PHCN workers would also power their generators because they would also be plunged in the same darkness. Anyway, that is no longer the case, since they have called off the strike.
Colleague: I no blame them! Dem for continue the strike!


Young Grumbler said...

The PHCN workers had the right idea for the strike because at the end of the day they weren't getting paid, its not entirely their fault that the funds intended for the power stations are diverted into the pockets of higher up execs. But then again, why go on strike when you can be easily replaced within hours by military engineers? A strike is only effective when you hold all the cards. We even had a better electricity situation when the military were in power! And to top everything off, they didn't have the mettle to see the strike out. Sigh!

LG said...

strike ko, strike ni

Dee! said...

YOUNG GRUMBLER: I feel your grumble. LOL! Yes, a strike is only effective when you hold ALL the cards! In this case, the PHCN had none.

I also feel their plight, but I believe when people work in organisations that provide essential services, they should try other means of dispute resolutions. For instance, imagine when the doctors went on strike!

The Federal Government should step in and ensure such ugly and unnecessary strikes are avoided!

LG: No mind them. Strike ko, stroke ni! How far na?

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