Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kidnappers on the Prowl!

Kidnapping occurs when someone is taken by force and held captive. This act of kidnapping is a criminal offence in any civilized Nation.

The rate of kidnapping is on the rise in Nigeria, particularly in Abia State. This heinous act started in Rivers State with the kidnapping of expatriates and oil workers. Back then, the kidnappers/hoodlums/militants claimed that the reason for kidnapping was to get the attention of the Federal Government to heed to their plead and develop the Niger Delta region.

The recent kidnapping of 15 innocent Nursery/Primary pupils on their way to School in Abia State, is the most heinous act I have heard in recent times. Infact the kidnapping in Abia State is TOO MUCH! Haba! The other time it was the journalist, then three female members of the National Youth Service Corps servicing in the State and now little children! Children between the ages of 3 to 6!

Now, these are the ones we get to hear about via the news media. I was told that people are kidnapped there daily. Kidnapping is now a means of getting free money for lazy people who want free money without working for it! These kidnappers would abduct anything, whether living or dead! If they have their way, they would even abduct pets and then demand ransom. WHY?

Should parents now lock their kids at home? Can we no longer walk freely without free of been kidnapped? Imagine the mental torture these children would be going through. I don't care however it is described, all I know is that it is morally WRONG for any right thinking human being to kidnap another! I just pray these children are released unhurt!

In a few hours, Nigeria would be celebrating its 50th year as a Nation. I ask myself, with the continued insecurity, crime etal, is there any reason we should be celebrating? What are we celebrating?

God Bless Nigeria!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Restricting Motorcycles in Lagos State!

Lagos, Nigeria: From today, September 1, 2010, it will no longer be "business as usual" for commercial motorcyclists popularly known as OKADA.

With effect from today, no okada should be seen on the highways within the Lagos metropolis.

They have also been restricted from carrying pregnant women and women with children on strapped to their back.

In addition, school children and anyone under 18 years should not be found on any okada.

So many people have reacted to this ban/restriction. Some are of the firm view that the ban would lead to more crime in the state, while others believe the ban would reduce the inflow of patients in the Lagos State Orthopedic Hospital (Igbobi). Different people with different views.

What do you think? Will this ban/restriction be effective?
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