Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Campaign Strategies!

I have heard of Politicians using money to woo electorates to vote. I have also heard of Politicians using food to score cheap campaign points. Now, another strategy has been added to that list - RECHARGE CARDS!

The Oyo State Governor, Mr. C. A. Alao-Akala, who is aspiring to be re-elected as Governor for a second term, has chosen to distribute recharge cards to the people thereby boost his campaign. Recharge Cards! Is that how cheap our votes are? NO WAY! Read more here.

We should all appreciate the fact that OUR VOTES ARE WORTH MUCH MORE THAN MONETARY GIFTS!

Our votes are VERY PRECIOUS! We should guard our votes jealously!

Nigerians, please Registerto vote. Select the right candidate to Vote for. Do not attach any sentiments when voting. Do not vote for a Political Party. Vote for the PERSON you know is right. Finally, Protect your votes!

We have the civic obligation to vote WISELY!

God bless NIGERIA!
NIGERIA o no baje o!
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