Wednesday, January 19, 2011

INEC Registration!

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Registration of voters took off with some hiccups on the 15th of  January 2011.

Prospective voters complained that they spent hours waiting to be registered and this discouraged others who chose to come back at a later date. One man told me when he went to register, the INEC official gave him a number and asked him to come back to following day! The reason for that, according to the man, was that the registration process takes as much as 30 minutes for one person, so in order not to keep people waiting in the sun
 for too long, they are advised to come back the following day.

Another person who attempted registering was informed that the DDC Machines have been rejecting peoples finger prints! This even happened to the former President Obasanjo, whose finger prints where rejected by the DDC machine several times while he was registering. The Senate President, Mr.David Mark also experienced some difficulty in registering.

News have it that in Oyo State, 4 out of the 32 DDC machines needed for the registration exercise were declared missing. When these machines resurfaced, it was discovered that about 2,000 fictitious names had been fed into the machines! How far would these bad elements would go to have their way! Hmmmm!

No matter what, I WILL register, so I can vote. I know my vote will count!

Nigerians, please lets all go out and register. Vote for the Candidates of your choice. Do not sell your votes.

God Bless Nigeria!
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