Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jonah Jang - Crisis in Jos!

Over 50 people have been reported dead in the fresh crisis in Jos, Plateau State.

I am really disturbed! Why are we killing ourselves? What has happened to the phrase "love your neighbour as yourself"? LOVE is the key word here.

In all this wahala, I hear that the Governor, Mr. Jonah Jang is NOT in the Country!! Can you imagine? Well I want to believe that is not true...

During the Obasanjo regime, when a similar crisis was reported, a State of emergency was declared. What is the current President, Mr. Jonathan, waiting for?

Similarly, members of the notorious Islamic sect, otherwise known as BOKO HARAM, have been causing havoc to the Nation. The dastardly way they (Bokos) have been detonating explosives should be a cause of concern to ALL Nigerians!

Enough is enough o!

May the Peace of Almighty God flood this Nation! God bless Nigeria!
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