Wednesday, May 13, 2020

COVID-19 is Real. Stay Safe

And so, the lockdown was eased in Lagos State and people were allowed to resume moving around within the State. Offices and businesses have reopened. Everyone is out again. Most businesses rendered skeletal services.

All the precautionary measures were discarded as people were seen clustered at various bus stops and banks. I was amazed that most people threw caution to the wind and moved around without the least protective gear, a face mask! I was equally amazed at the crowd seen within the premises of various banks not observing "physical distancing" otherwise known as social distance. What a pity!

I was informed that customers without face masks are denied entry into most banks, and as a result some customers without face masks "borrow" face masks from others in order to gain entrance into the bank. Pathetic! How can any sane human being share face mask?

Some people still go about saying that the whole virus saga is a scam. I have also heard people say "coronavirus is a hoax". And these are from the mouth of so called "educated" people! Can you beat that?!

The sooner we all understand that this virus is real and that is causes health challenges which may lead to death, the better for all of us.

I am tired of reading about the increased numbers of confirmed cases. I want to start reading about a decrease in confirmed cases. I want to start reading of increased recoveries. no more covid-19 related deaths. Enough is enough!

These can only be achieved if we all join our hands and fight this common enemy by following the guidelines given by the appropriate authorities.

#WashYourHands #Sanitize #StaySafe

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